• By now you should be well on your way to completing your critique of Arsenic and Old Lace. No matter what stage of writing you are in, commit to spending time on it today and every dayAnticipate your printer breaking. Anticipate running out of ink. Anticipate your dog eating the paper. Problem solve not having a working printer. 
    Your graders are: Freshmen/Joe   Sophomores/Paul   Juniors/Alison   Seniors/Laura 
    We are expecting all 45 of you to submit the paper on time. If you are absent, submit it by email to me as a temporary placeholder. The deadline is December 11 whether you attend class that day or not. Everyone submits a hard copy with a signed checklist attached. Sophomores please note: Paul is also requiring you to submit a digital copy to him in addition to the hard copy with the signed checklistFinally, keep in mind that you will receive the guidelines for the NYC PLAY CRITIQUE on January 2nd. You will be asked to choose one of the two plays we are seeing for your paper. Arsenic and NYC are the only two critique paper assignments for the year. See me if you have any questions.      -- JM

    Read this 4-minute article on the importance of a first impression.



    MONDAY, 12/9- Grace, Quincy and Caroline: Check in w/Alison for attendance and then see Ms. Kinlan in the gym.

    Monday, December 9th & Wednesday, December 11th
    Paul: Freshmen & So/Jr/Sr APs (23) in D111
    Alison: So/Jr/Sr VMs (22) in D128/129

    Maureen: Freshmen & AP jrs/srs (17) in D111
    Laurie: Sophomores (15) in D231
    Alison: VM jrs/srs (13) in D129

    Tuesday, December 10th: YOUR CRITIQUES ARE DUE TOMORROW!
    Sheila: VMs - physical warm-up in D128/129
    Paul: APs - vocal warm-up in D111

    Sheila: APs - physical warm-up in D128/129
    Alison: VMs - vocal warm-up in D111

    Alison (11): Freshmen in D111
    Paul’s Class (17): D128/129
    Joe’s Class (17): Stage (blue curtain closed)

    Thursday, December 12th
    Maureen: Freshmen & AP jrs/srs in D111
    Tyrone (Alexander Technique guest teacher): Sophs & VM jrs/srs in D128/129

    7:55  Paris
    8:07  Rhea
    8:19  Arielle
    8:31  Mia
    8:43  Nala
    8:55  Silvana
    9:07  Kevin
    9:19  Caroline

    Friday, December 13th
    Laurie: Sophomores in D231
    Tyrone (Alexander Technique guest teacher): Freshmen, juniors, and seniors in D128/129

    7:55  Sierra
    8:07  Alexis
    8:19  Darren
    8:31  Sophie A.
    8:43  Sophie B.
    8:55  Karenna
    9:07  Julie
    9:19  Maddy

    Alison emailed the full eval appointment schedule on Friday, 12/6 at 2pm. Check your appointment time to make sure it doesn't coincide with approved conflicts such as labs or field trips.

    To freshmen from Alison:
    Assignments & Reminders
    • Due Thursday, 12/5: Survey still needed from Armani. Go to
    • Work on your critique assignment now so you have time to ask questions. 

    Other reminders:

    • Develop your “emotional bank” by brainstorming strong emotion categories, then listing three things that bring you to those emotional states (example: “Three things that bring me joy are. . .”)*
      *NOTE: The "Emotional Bank" is private. We require you to work on it, but not to share it. Unlike the assignments above, this is not DUE, because it is private and ongoing.

    • Ask an upperclassman what "White Elephant" is and what to do to prepare for evals.
    To VM juniors & seniors from Alison: I emailed you instructions on Friday, 12/6, explaining what we need to do to wrap up this morning's class. This includes contributions from those of you who were absent, so everyone read the email carefully. Reading #3 parts I and II are due Monday, 12/9. Your readings are going to overlap, so it is a great opportunity to read from various perspectives. Notice patterns--where is there agreement/disagreement amongst the authors and quoted people of note? Flag anything inspiring, weird, interesting, enlightening, etc. so our discussions can be that much more enthralling. Flag songs that grab you, too! Maybe we can sing them together in class! :)
    TO ALL FROM ALISON: Take a look and give a (please)!:
    You are responsible for notes on the days you miss class.
    Current class
    Print out the lyrics to your song.
    Highlight 4-8 lines.
    List all meanings and what those meanings represent to you.
    Prepare to play with that text next class.
    To my last class.
    If you haven't already, please email me your self-assessment rubric by Friday
    Send me an mp3 of your chosen song
                                             "The hardest part of listening is keeping your mouth shut"
    Do not wait until the next class to see me if you have questions about your work. If you are unprepared because you waited until class for clarification you will receive a failing grade for that day.
    Essence work 
     Continue your essence work. Choose various people in your life. Keep practicing.
    Try to feel the essence of someone close to you. You need to be in their presence when you do this.
    Do not let them know about this assignment until after the work is done. Otherwise, their energy will be different.
    Can you describe it? Write down what you are feeling when you do this. What sense do you get from this person?
    Do this objectively-without relationship status or judgment of past or present conflict or positive feelings about this individual.
    Grip Top Sock and Amidst The Mists

    Give me the gift of a grip-top sock, /A clip drape shipshape tip-top sock. /Not your spin slick slapstick slipshod stock, /But a plastic, elastic grip-top sock./None of your fantastic slack swap slop/From a slapdash flash cash haberdash shop./Not a knick-knack knit lock knock-kneed /knickerbocker sock/With a mock-shot blob-mottled trick-ticker top clock./Not a super sheet seersucker rucksack sock,/Not a spot-speckled frog-freckled cheap sheik's sock/Off a hodge-podge moss-blotched scotch-botched block./Nothing slipshod drip drop flip flop or glip-glop/Tip me to a tip-top grip top sock.

    NOTE: Hyphens vs. bold words: When we are taking turns saying each word in plank position, note that the bold words are one word, but the hyphenated words will be broken up into two. For example, if Alison was next to Paul and it was her turn to speak, she would say "grip-" and Paul would say "top" because grip-top is hyphenated. However, if Alison was next to Paul and it was her turn, she would say "shipshape" and Paul's next word would be "tip." They would NOT say "ship" and "shape," because shipshape is one word. 
     Amidst The Mists

    Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
    with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
    he thrusts his fists against the posts
    and still insists he sees the ghosts.

    Oh what a to-do to die today at a minute or two to two 
    A thing distinctly hard to say yet harder still to do 
    For they'll beat a tattoo at twenty to two
    With a rattatta tattatta tattatta too
    And the dragon will come when he hears the drum 
    At a minute or two 'til to today 
    At a minute or two to two.

    NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) is allowed in any of our spaces.
    STUDENT COUNCIL:   Any student who is interested in joining the Student Council, please see the following instructors:
    Freshmen: Mr. Poznanski   --   Sophomores: Ms. Melick  --   Juniors: Ms. Gillooly  ---  Seniors: Ms. Francis

    Alison's email:

    Paul's email:

    Joe's email:

    Laura's email:  


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