• Criteria for Continued Enrollment in College Courses

    Since the AHMS is a rigorous and accelerated program, students must meet the Criteria for Continued Enrollment to ensure their success. In order to progress through the program, a 3.0 minimum cumulative RVCC Grade Point Average is required, along with satisfactory placement via Accuplacer (RVCC Placement Test) in both the Freshman and Sophomore years. The Academy policy states that a grade of D, F, or W in any required RVCC course will make a student ineligible to continue in the Academy for Health and Medical Sciences program. In addition, the Academy follows a cohort format; therefore, courses must be taken in a continuous sequence. Furthermore, students will not be allowed to retake courses unless special approval is granted through an appeals process.

    Accuplacer Testing

    In the spring of the Freshman year, students will take Accuplacer to meet the English prerequisite for the Intro to Cultural Anthropology sophomore year course.  If the prerequisite for the Anthropology course is not met, students will have an opportunity to re-test in the summer at the RVCC testing center.  If a student must retest in the summer, he must meet the requirement for English Composition I at that time.  If a student is unable to place into the English prerequisite, he/she will not be permitted to continue into the sophomore year.

    In the middle of the sophomore year, students must take the RVCC placement test in mathematics and score at the appropriate levels indicated for college-level Precalculus.  Students will be offered a second opportunity to take the Accuplacer in the spring.  If a student is unable to place into the college-level math course at the spring retest, he/she will not be permitted to continue in the Academy beyond sophomore year.  In addition, any sophomore who met the prerequisite for Anthropology in the spring as a freshman but didn’t meet the English Composition I requirement will be given the opportunity to retest in the spring of the sophomore year.

    Students may only take Accuplacer twice for both English and math.  There are no appeals for Accuplacer placements.


    An identified appeals process is in place for juniors and seniors only.  If an Academy for Health and Medical Science student’s GPA falls below 3.0 or he/she receives a D, F, or W in any one course, the student may make a formal written appeal to the Academy Academic Appeals Committee.  The student’s appeal letter will be reviewed by the committee and the student may be granted an interview as part of the appeal process.  The committee will inform the student of its decision in writing within 7 business days of receiving the appeal letter.  


    • Students recommended for Statistics by the Precalculus professor will be placed into the Statistics I/II sequence for senior year.

    • All AHMS students must complete all high school graduation requirements in order to receive the RVCC Associate’s degree.