Four Year Program of Study


    9th Grade

    10th Grade

    11th Grade

    12th Grade

    Physical Education and Health 1

    Physical Education and Drivers Ed

    Physical Education and Health 2

    Physical Education and Health 3

    English 9 Honors

    English 10 Honors

    English Comp 1  (RVCC)

    English Comp 2  (RVCC)

    Biology Honors

    Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 (RVCC)

    Biology 1 & 2 (RVCC)

    Physics 1 & 2 (RVCC)

    Earth and Space Science Honors

    Medical Terminology

    Chemistry 1

    Chemistry 2 (RVCC)

    Calculus 1 & Stats 1  (RVCC)

    Algebra 2 Honors

    Advanced Geometry/Trig Honors

    Physical Science Honors

    Financial Lit

    World History Honors

    Medical Math

    Pre-Calc 1

    Pre-Calc 2 (RVCC)

    Moral and Social Issues (RVCC)

    Spanish I or II Honors

    US 1 Honors

    US 2 Honors

    Spanish IV or V Honors

    Art 1 (1/2 Year)

    Cultural Anthropology (RVCC)

    Spanish III or IV Honors


    Photography (1/2 Year)

    Human Origins (RVCC)

    Workplace Experience


    Spanish II or III Honors




    Green = High School Requirement/Dual Credit

    Red = RVCC only