Academy Staff



    Hector Montes – High School Principal 

    Patrick Pelliccia – Assistant Superintendent & Supervisor of the Academy for Health and Medical Sciences

    Robert Presuto - Superintendent of School

    Support Services

    Karen Winfield – School Counselor - Class of 2025

    Maureen Lawler – School Counselor - Class of 2024

    Samantha Carter – School Counselor - Class of 2027

    Susan Kiser – School Counselor - Class of 2026

    AHMS Instructional Staff

    Rafael Catalan – Spanish Instructor

    Andrew Coslit – Mathematics Instructor

    Brendan Downey – English Instructor

    Deborah Gichan – Photography Instructor

    Maura Gillooly – Physical Education Instructor

    Edward Graf – Social Studies Instructor

    Bryant Jefopoulos – Mathematics and Medical Mathematics Instructor

    Rachel Kinlan – Physical Education Instructor

    Daysi Lakhif – Spanish Instructor

    Ushma Mehta – Science Instructor

    Shannon Pisani – Science Instructor

    Christopher Miller – English Instructor

    Jack O’Neill – Physical Education Instructor

    Meghan Welch – Social Studies Instructor

    Pratima Patil – Science Instructor & Medical Terminology Instructor

    Marlene Perchinske – Art and Special Education Instructor

    Matthew Poznanski – Physical Education Instructor

    Guillermo Reina – Spanish Instructor

    Joseph  Tirrito – Financial Literacy and Special Education Instructor

    Dr. Louise Tokarsky-Unda – Social Studies Instructor