• Will the SCVTHS Cosmetology program be a good fit for my son or daughter?

    • This program is intended for students entering 9th or 10th grade within Somerset County that want to pursue a license in the field of Cosmetology. Students obtain 1,000 hours of comprehensive knowledge though the recommended science course, as well as coursework both theory and practical. Additionally students will be encouraged to work on clients during our scheduled clinic time at our salon “Styles at Somerset”.

    What is the SCVTHS Cosmetology Program enrollment process??

    • Students will apply to the program during their 8th grade year or during their freshman year prior to the deadline. Based on entrance exam scores, academic standing, attendance and discipline records students are accepted into the program as freshman or sophomore with the option to attend SCVTHS on a shared or full time basis. 

    What are the requirements for your child to sit for the NJ Cosmetology State Board Examination?

    • During your child’s senior year after they have obtained the required 1000 hours they will then take the NJ Written State Board Examination where they must score at least a 75% to move on to take the practical examination.   After passing both exams, students will apply for their cosmetology license through the school. Please note any student enrolled in the program as a Sophomore will be part of the accelerated curriculum and absences may hinder the opportunity to sit for the NJ State Board Examination due to lack of hours. For students that would like to enter the program as a Junior, they can apply for the RVCC Junior Transfer Program.

    What are the requirements for entry?

    • Students must submit an application to our school prior to the deadline. Students must not have any major discipline incidences as well as excessive absences. Additionally, students must be in good academic standing. Any freshman that is submitting an application must have a final average of at least a 75% in the respective science course they took during their Freshman year. Once you submit an application you will register and partake in our entrance testing. Students take an entrance exam for both English and Math. Students must score at least a 7.0 on both assessments. 

    My child did not have any major discipline incidences, excessive absences, and is in good academic standing, however, they scored below the required 7.0 on the admission testing. Is there anything they can do to receive a spot in the program?

    • Any student who scored between a 5.0-6.9 will be invited to a practical day where they will be able to showcase their skills as well as receive an interview from our Cosmetology staff. 

    How does my child get to vo-tech?

    • Transportation is provided by the sending district. Questions about transportation may be directed to the transportation department at the sending district.  

    What are the costs to the parent?

    • During your child's first year in the program one will need to purchase a Cosmetology Kit ($140), a smock ($21), as well as black rubber soled shoes and solid black scrub pants. Cosmetology kit and smock should last your child through all 3-4 years in the program. 

    Please check out our Cosmetology Student Handbook for more information regarding the day to day operations within the shop.