• What happens after graduation?
    A student’s IEP ends at graduation, however, there are state agencies and college supports and services to assist students and adults with disabilities.

    Transition to the workforce
    Many students choose to enter the workforce upon high school graduation.  The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services is a state agency that helps individuals with disabilities find and maintain employment.  Students and families can complete the referral form online or your case manager can complete the referral form for you.  Services continue to be available for adults after graduation.

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    Transition to college
    Transitioning to a post-secondary institution brings inevitable changes to the services the graduated senior/student was used to receiving.  There is no IEP or Special Education at the college level. The level of services provided changes from one institution to another. Some colleges offer comprehensive services (tutoring, audio textbooks, writing center, copies of notes, notetaker, assistive technology devices, etc) for the students who request them and these services may require an additional cost. These colleges have personnel certified in learning disabilities and they are involved in the admission of the student. Other colleges offer some level of support with remedial classes and the services must be requested by the student. The least level of support is offered in colleges that grant accommodations upon receiving documentation of a disability.The resources might be limited or insufficient for the level of support required by the student.

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    Transition to Postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE)  Programs

    This list contains county vocational schools operating adult postsecondary programs and was updated in June 2017. The programs listed have been self-reported by each county vocational school district as meeting the criteria developed by the Office of Career Readiness. These programs are for adults with a high school diploma or who passed a high school equivalency test (GED, HiSET or TASC). If you have questions about a program, please contact the county vocational school that offers the program. Contact information can be found in the program listing.

    This is a sampling of colleges that have specialized programs for students with disabilities: