• Here is some information and helpful links regarding referring a child to Special Education and NJAC 6A:14, Special Education the Evaluation Process.

    Special Education Code 

    Link to DOE- Special Education

    Link to Parental Rights in Special Education Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) 


    Identification and Referral

    (written request for evaluation)

    Within 20 days

    Screening by Child Study Team (CST) to

    Determine if evaluation is warranted

    Within 15 days- written response from

    CST re: whether will evaluate

    If yes, written consent of “Parent” sought,

    Parent has 15 days to consider

    CST Evaluation

    Eligibility Meeting/

    Classification Conference

    Within 90 days

    Parents must receive evaluation

    results 10 days prior

      IEP developed by IEP Team 

    IEP Implementation (Program, Placement and Services)

    IEP Annual Review

    Triennial Reevaluation

     Created by:

    The Special Education Clinic

    Rutgers U. School of Law- Newark

    123 Washington Street

    Newark, NJ 07102


    New Jersey Special Education Process Video

    (An animated overview of how the New Jersey Special Education Process works, 

    from Initial Referral to Re-Evaluation)