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    We asked theater arts graduates from as far back as 2011 to share their perspectives on their time here.
    They tell the story far better than we ever could.
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    Theater Arts Audition Instructions (for applicants interested in "Acting," "Acting with Vocal Music Emphasis," or both): 

    ALL Theater Arts applicants must attend the first round of auditions on Thursday, January 18th.

    Appointments are required. If your desired appointment slot is full, please contact Alison Mingle ( 

    The first-round Theater Arts audition consists of participation in an introductory acting class led by a member of our faculty. Students must wear comfortable clothing and footwear in which they can easily move.

    Assessment is based on creativity, energy, commitment, and ability to take direction. Students do not need to prepare materials for the January 18th audition.

    Students will be notified if they are called back for the second round of auditions (AKA “callbacks”). Please save the date—Thursday, January 25th—in case you are invited to attend. 

    Details will be emailed to you at the email addresses you supply on your application. If you have questions about the Theater Arts application process or the Theater Arts program, please contact David Seamon (


    Theater Arts "Acting with Vocal Music Emphasis" Audition Instructions:

    Students who are interested in the “Acting with Vocal Music Emphasis” track of the Theater Arts program must attend a vocal music audition on the evening of Tuesday, January 16th, and also attend the acting auditions on Thursday, January 18th (see above). 

    Students who are only interested in the “Acting” track do not need to sign up for this vocal music audition.

    Appointments are required. If your desired appointment slot is full, please contact Alison Mingle (

    Please see below for instructions as to what you must prepare in advance for the round 1 singing audition on January 16th:

    Choose a song cut from the link below in your applicable voice category. Categories include "Any Voice Part," "Baritone," "Mezzo-Soprano/Belter," "Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano," "Soprano," or "Tenor." These categories are meant to guide you toward songs that suit your vocal range but feel free to choose any song on the list that feels like the best fit for you. 

    Prepare and memorize your song cut as written (see sheet music PDFs below), and practice singing with the accompaniment recording (see recordings below). The PDFs and recordings are also available on our website. Email Alison Mingle if you need help accessing the files (

    Audition Songs Sheet Music

    Audition Songs Audio Files

    All students will be notified if they are called back for a second audition. The notification will include instructions for making an appointment.

    For candidates who have been called back for the final round:

    Audition Prep Workshop

    If you are invited to the final round of auditions, we have added an optional one-hour monologue audition prep workshop led by faculty member Paul O'Connor on Monday, January 22.

    Students advancing to the final round are sent a monologue to memorize and prepare as if they were auditioning for that role.

    Candidates are strongly urged to attend this class as we will discuss and demonstrate techniques to help further prepare the student for this specific skill.

    Only candidates for the theater arts program who receive a  notification of call back email advancing them to the final round of auditions will have the option of attending this workshop. This is the only date and time it will be offered.

    If you receive a callback email, you may contact Paul O'Connor to register for this workshop.

    Attendance at the Monday, January 22 workshop is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

    You may email Paul O'Connor sooner than January 22, if you have questions about this audition prep workshop.

    All other audition inquiries should be directed to Alison Mingle at


    For more information regarding the audition process, please call. David Seamon at 908-526-8900 ext. 7258, or send an email to