Q: Will the Graphic Communications  program be a good fit for my son or daughter?

    A: This program is for students in grades 9-12 within Somerset County that want to pursue a career in the graphic arts industry. The program teaches both the creative side and the print and production side of graphic arts. Students will become highly proficient in programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and in their graphic design studies, learn the basic foundations of graphic design, from color theory to typography through a project based curriculum. On the print and production side, students will learn how to screen print onto tee-shirts, sign making, print onto various promotional items including mugs, banners, lawn signs, and digital print items including business cards, calendars, mailers, brochures, posters, etc. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in our PawPrints program, where students create various print materials for our school and outside clients from the community, learning valuable skills like customer relations, job management, and adhering to deadlines.

    Q: What certifications/college credit options are available for my son or daughter in the Graphic Communications program? Will my son or daughter have an opportunity to work in the field?

    A: The Graphic Communications program provides motivated students with the opportunity to work in the field during their high school career. Our program does not offer  any professional certifications nor college credit.

    Q: What are the costs to the parents?

    A: Basic supplies like lab coats and sketch pads will be required.

    Q: How does the Graphic Communications program work?

    A: Students will apply to the program during their 8th grade year or during their freshman year. Based on entrance exams, attendance records, grades, and discipline, students are admitted to the program as freshmen and sophomores with the option to attend Vo-Tech shared or full time. 

    Q: What are the requirements for entry?

    A: Students must submit an application to our school prior to the deadline. Students must not have any major discipline incidences as well as excessive absences. Additionally, students must be in good academic standing. Any student who submits an application will partake in our entrance testing. Students take an entrance exam for both English and Math. Students must score at least a 7.0 on both assessments. While not required, it is recommended that students compile a fine art portfolio as graphic design is a highly competitive and creative profession.

    Q: My child did not have any major discipline incidences, excessive absences, and is in good academic standing, however, they scored below the required 7.0 on the admission testing. Is there anything they can do to receive a spot in the program?

    A: Any student who scored below a 7.0 and has additional information that would impact the decision should write an appeal.

    Q: How does my child get to Vo-Tech?

    A: Transportation is provided by the sending district. Questions about transportation may be directed to the transportation department at the sending district. 

    Q: What clubs/activities can my child be part of?

    A: Any student attending Vo-Tech shared or full time will have the opportunity to participate in any club that we offer. For students attending full time, if Vo-Tech does not offer a club you are interested in, then you can partake in it at your sending district.