Q: Is the Electrical Construction program a good fit for my son or daughter?

    A: This program is a good fit for anyone with a desire or interest to learn, regardless of their future education or career goals.  Students from this program will gain theoretical knowledge and have hands on experiences which will present many career options or assist in furthering their education.  The course is designed to allow students to work at their own pace and choose particular specialties of study as they progress through the program.     

    Q: What certifications/college credit options are available for my son or daughter in the Electrical Construction program?

    A: Students will have the opportunity to obtain 12 college credits.  Students may earn credit through concurrent enrollment with Raritan Valley Community College.  Eligible students may earn credit for Electricity for Environmental Control 1 & 2, as well as English Composition 1. (9 credits total)

    Students also have the ability to validate skills with National Occupancy Certification Institute (NOCTI) certification. The Workforce Competency Credential is issued for scores at or above the NOCTI criterion referenced cut score on an assessment. NOCTI is partnered with Excelsior College, and students scoring above 70% will obtain 3 semester hours in Construction, General Technology, Introduction to Electrical Construction Technology or Applied Science.

    Students will be required to complete the CareerSafe® OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry course and will receive an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry wallet card from the OSHA Training Institute.

    Q: Will my son or daughter gain a certificate at the time of graduation from SCVTHS?

    A: Students in the Electrical Construction Program must complete a minimum of two years in order to gain certification at the time of graduation. The certification identifies the skills mastered, the longer a student is enrolled in the Electrical Construction program more mastered skills will be identified.

    Q: Will my son or daughter have the opportunity to work in the field?

    A: Fourth year students have the opportunity and are heavily encouraged to participate in the Cooperative Education program which allows them to work with a local business in the electrical construction field while still earning high school credits.

    Q: What are the costs to the parents?

    A: Costs to enroll in the RVCC courses may apply.  Students are required to have work boots once enrolled in the program.

    Q: How does the Electrical Construction program work?

    A: Students will apply to the program during their 8th grade, freshman, or sophomore year. Based on entrance exams, attendance records, grades, and discipline, students are admitted to the program as freshmen, sophomores, or juniors with the option to attend Vo-Tech shared or full time. 

    Q: What are the requirements for entry?

    A: Students must submit an application to our school prior to the deadline. Students must not have any major discipline incidences as well as excessive absences. Additionally, students must be in good academic standing. Any student who submits an application will partake in our entrance testing. Students take an entrance exam for both English and Math. Students must score at least a 7.0 on both assessments.

    Q: My child did not have any major discipline incidences, excessive absences, and is in good academic standing, however, they scored below the required 7.0 on the admission testing. Is there anything they can do to receive a spot in the program?

    A: Any student who scored below a 7.0 and has additional information that would impact the decision should write an appeal.

    Q: How does my child get to Vo-Tech?

    A: Transportation is provided by the sending district. Questions about transportation may be directed to the transportation department at the sending district. 

    Q: What clubs/activities can my child be part of?

    A: Any student attending Vo-Tech shared or full time will have the opportunity to participate in any club that we offer. For students attending full time, if Vo-Tech does not offer a club you are interested in, then you can partake in it at your sending district.