Summer School/Credit Recovery

  • Summer School and Credit Recovery courses are available through Educere.

    For information on available courses and fees, please visit the following link:

    Summer 2023 Abbreviated/Credit Recovery 


    Course and Program Information

    Generally, the courses made available through Educere are delivered primarily through the internet and/or computer. However, the methods used to deliver a given course could include any combination of the Internet, Email, Streaming Video, Streaming Audio, DVD, CD, Video Tape, Audio Tape, Real-time Telephone-based Meetings, Real-time Web-based Voice Meetings, Real-time Web-based Text Meetings, Print Materials, and Traditional Mail. Most courses are delivered in an asynchronous (anywhere, anytime) environment.  A virtual instructor teaches each course, and students communicate with the instructor via email and/or toll-free phone number.  An Educere Personal Learning Coach™ supports the student throughout the virtual education experience.  The Educere Personal Learning Coach™ is not a tutor. 



    - Registration Due Date: Rolling Enrollment

    - Start Date: Approximately 7 days after receipt of registration and payment

    - End Date: Credit recovery courses must be completed within 60 days of the student's start date. Except $97.50 courses must be completed within 30 days of the student's start date.

    - All courses are self-paced, but students must complete them by the end date set.