• Sophomores and juniors:  Look to join your video conference every other day from 8- 9ish.

    Follow the instructions in the invite and you will be able to join our video meeting.

    If you miss the meeting I need an email from one of your parents explaining why.

    I need all of your monologue choices into me by now.

    NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING -ASK ME.                                                                                                                                              Solo Rep for juniors and sophomores. If you do not have two monologues- find them.

    Dress code: Everyone should dress as if you were showing up for school. No one should look like they just rolled out of bed. Regular clothes, not your dress out.

    You are responsible for all notes and work missed on the days you are not in class.                                                                      

    When submitting a Google Doc always make sure the editing permission is turned on. 


    Office Hours on B days-8:30-10

    Use my Zoom meeting ID to pop in