• Linkages School-Based Youth Services Program

    Located on-site at the high school, Linkages is a Youth Services Program comprised of two different community agencies and is funded by the State Department of Children and Families. 

    Linkages offers counseling, referrals, education, and prevention in the areas of health, mental health and substance abuse.

    Linkages also offers life skills and job readiness education, job placement assistance, recreation, and community outreach (especially for pregnant and parenting teens). Services are on-site, free of charge to students attending our school district including students in the TOPS and Twilight Programs.




    For more information, contact:


    Elaine Howe
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7286


    Cathy Bladt
    Mental Health Coordinator
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7314


    Donna Lenox
    Substance Abuse Counselor / Mental Health Clinician
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7278


    Nzinga Basir
    Program Assistant
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7297


    Sid Dawkins
    Life Skills / Employment / Outreach
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7284


    Emma Hannis
    Recreation Coordinator
    (908) 526-8900, ext. 7122




    Safe Coalition

    For resources and information about suicide prevention
    please visit



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