• Auto Tech students are required to wear work uniforms and work boots.

    Uniforms can be a work shirt and work pants, or coveralls. Long pants are required. Long sleeve shirts are recommended to protect arms from hot components, and the sleeves can always be rolled up. Dark blue is the typical color but black and gray are fine. What's important is that students don't ruin their good school clothes and they will be safe in the automotive environment. We recommend 2 sets of work clothes to be washed weekly. Please don't spend a fortune, as students tend to outgrow their clothes throughout the four years.

    Work boots are to be steel or composite toe with oil/slip resistant soles. The brand is irrelevant. What's important is that students are comfortable and the cost fits the family's budget. Again, students will likely outgrow their shoes too. And we're not picky about the color (black, tan, brown, etc). 

    Where to buy? Home improvement retail stores, big discount retailers, online shopping, search online for "automotive work clothes", etc.

    Safety Glasses: We will provide the first pair. If students lose them, then they buy the next pair on their own time.

    What else? Please have a 3-ring binder, pen, pencil, and eraser. Your notes are a resource now and in the future.

    No need to buy tools. We have everything.