• 1979
    Chet Olshefski   
    I'm an Independent Contractor.  Does anybody want to get an reunion together? Let's party like back in the days.

    Jeff Santora    Machine Shop   
    I currently work in the staffing industry as an Account/Sales Manager. I started in the staffing industy as a Technical Recruiter.  I switched careers in 2000 after having worked 21 years as a Machinist.

    Maggie Wareham - McConnell
    I have two boys both grown with one grandson. Happily married to a fellow Vo-Techie. Worked so much my body's falling apart. Beat cancer last year! 10-1-2010

    We are planning a 1979 Class Reunion for the spring of 2011. Please contact me if you are interested. I have setup a web site for us to all connect.



    Barbara Alpaugh    Commercial foods/Business
    Married to a wonderful man!!! 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren. Automotive service advisor for Honda. Life is good!!!  bayingling@verizon.net

    Daniel MacDonald    Building Trades
    It is hard to think it's been 30 years since SCVTHS!  since then I have attended college twice, the first time for computer programing and systems and the second time for art. 


    William Randolph
    I have been a Machine Shop teacher in a Vo-Tech

    Karen Cole Bradley    Cosmetology

    Graduate Somerset County College and Rutgers ('86). Senior Probation Officer and mother to 3 boys in Bridgewater.

    Mary Ann Page Cyr  Beauty Culture
    I am married to a wonderful man named Allan.  We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  We moved to South Carolina in 1996 and we love it here.  I am an office manager at a heading and air company.  I am doing great and I wouldn't change anything. 


    John Kovacs   Welding/Auto Body
    Service Manager VP operations @ Automasters Fleet Service


    Henry Ball      Electronics
    Digital Intermediate Motion Picture engineering. After 10 Years engineering at NBC in Burbank I decided to go in to the Motion Picture Industry. After making films the same way for so long I had the honor of working at one of 3 places who basically reinvented the way films are created. I can assure you the foundation I got at Vo-tech made this possible. Thank you to all the staff and Mr DeVito the Electronics instructor I had then for everything!  Thanks again to everyone at Vo-Tech  

    Daniel Ciarlariello    Plumbing/Heating/AC/Refrigeration
    Technical sales manager; on site heat treatment of steel

    Keith Fritzinger    Carpentry
    I was an over the road truck driver for 30 years.I was hit by a gentlemen with another truck; end of career. Now me and my wife run a bakery. 

    Daniel O'Rourke    Carpentry
    I am a tractor-trailer driver, delivering gas.  I am happily married with two children. 

    Tim Stuart   Diesel Mechanics
    Parts Manager / Customer Service for Bihler of America, Phillipsburg NJ I have been employed here for the last 20 years, we do metal stampings and sell the machines.

    William H. Duquesnel    Carpentry
    I'm ex-navy with almost 23yrs total federal employ time,currently doing supply technician/inventory management at Lyons VA.

    Gwen Hayes       Cosmetology
    I spend much of my time in Pennsylvania caring for my mom. Twice a year I travel to NYC and build scenery/sets for Mercedes Benz Fashion Shows. There are other events where I work as a Production Assistant. (no hairstyling) Construction Coordinator, house renovating,landscaping and raising my four children has kept me busy since graduating! I have lived in New Hampshire,Florida and Pennsylvania. Great memories and friends.
    SCVTHS was a great school in the 70's and it has continued to expand and gain the recognition it deserves. My guidance counselor at Manville HS tried to convince me to pursue College prep classes because of my high GPA. I wanted to learn a trade (automotive related)so I applied to SCVTHS. Then I was informed "the shops up on the hill" weren't for "girls" so I enrolled in Cosmetology. I excelled, graduated as Salutatorian, married a SCVTHS mechanic,and moved to New Hampshire. Never practiced Cosmetology but loved my vocational experience, teachers and diversity of friends!
    Email me here

    Virginia Hoffman      Cosmetology
    Medically Retired :After graduation I went to work in several different jobs, but none in hairdressing. My longest career was 19 years with FedEx in Somerset, NJ. I moved to Ninety Six, SC January 1, 2004. I love it down here. I've never married but I do have two beautiful furry children. I am on Social Security Disability due to medical issues. I try to keep busy on the computer and hopefully start some volunteer work. I'm looking to reconnect with classmates so please feel free to contact me. Wishing you a blessed day.. :) 

    Bob Douglas    Distributive Education
    After graduation SCVTHS, worked there as Head Security Guard.  Then I worked in the private sector in an armed protective capacity, then in law-enforcement, then, finally, retail.  I retired in 1997.  My joys include computers, TV, travel, meeting new friends, etc. I moved to New England in 1995.  I have wondered whatever became of my fellow classmates.

    Joan Ofsik Jaust     Nursing
    Working as a surgical operating room nurse in oral surgery in northern NJ.

    Linda Blocker-Williams   Beauty Culture
    I am an executive assistant for a President and COO of one of many companies within inVentiv Health, Inc., the leading provider of commercialization and complementary services to the global pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology industries.

    Frances (Tissiere) Hibberd      LPN

    Klem Stahoski     
    Raising horses.  Looking to find out if there were any class reunions.


    Karen Caswell     Beauty Culture
    Doing great - kids are grown - have a wonderful grandaughter - family in Jersey doing great Would love to hear from other classmates.  I am an administrative assistant at an engineering and fire investigations firm. I retired from AT&T in 2004 - but still need to work of course. Loving living in Florida. Drop me a line - you can find me on facebook as well. 


    Walter G. Bliss     Electronics
     I retired in 2000, After a heart attack.


    Kenneth Marshall Electric Construction
    Own my own business since 1982.  Stayed in electrical construction, got my electrical contracting license in 1982.  Presently self employed running my business.  Went back to school, got my electrical inspection and sub code official license.