• 1989 
    Mark A. Herman      Electronics 
    Currently unemployed.   Living in Central PA near State College

    Linda Kostowskie     Beauty Culture
    Michael Sergerstrom   Machine Shop, Welding
    I live in Bridgewater and own and operate my own chimney service and repair company, based in Bridgewater. I have been in the industry for 11 years, starting my own business with my wife, in 2004. I got married in 2000 and my step-son is currently attending Rutgers.
    Having taken 2 years of machine shop and a summer of welding at SCVTHS, I was instructed in both shops to pay attention to detail. Thought I did not pursue employment in either field, principles that were taught in these courses are praticed in the way I operate my business today.

    Karimu Smith    Dance   
    I am a physician.  I was a dance minor in college and I currently dance in the liturgical dance ministry at my church.

    Jeff Baab    Carpentry   

    Michael Breese    Electrical Construction
    I work for PSE&G and own my own Electrical Company BREESEelectric.com    

    Dorri Davis     Cosmotology
    I breed and show exotic bengal cats.

    Nicole D'Orsogna Ford  
    I'm a RN now working for a home health care company doing marketing and sales. Living in FL since 1990. Married with a 15 yr old daughter.  

    Frank Gianotto    Electrical construction   

      Heather Olszyk    Cosmetology
    Working part-time doing medical billing down here in sunny Florida! I have been married and divorced two times and now live with a wonderful man for over 2 years. Life at the beach is great - no snow! 

    Wanda Rivella    Commercial Foods
    I am a mom of four and stepmom of three. I am working as a waitress in all the free time I have (hahaha). 

    Harold Warwick    Welding 

    I am currently doing modular construction for a Hunderton County based firm, still welding.

    Melinda Zavotsky   Office occupations  
    It's about time are.  Are we ever going to have a reunion?


    Kelly Cavanna Baab   Nursing
    Nursing at Medicor Cardiolodgy

    Kevin Ciesa   Carpentry and Building Trades
    Owner/Operator of Kevin Ciesa Contracting.  I have a two year old son named Hunter; I am engaged; I love to travel and hunt around the world.

    Scott Heilig   Machine/Diesel

      Tony Stoms    Diesel Mechnics


    Mary Beth Grace Herrmann Kelley       Practical Nursing

    Heidi Monaco   Commercial Foods
    I still live in Colorado. I am a Pampered Chef Independant Consultant. I work at the local homeless shelter and I work at my church's food and clothing bank. 

    Jeffrey Yuhasz      Carpentry 
    After a ten-year radio career in the Seattle area, I returned to community college, earned a full-ride scholarship to Whitman College, there earned a full-ride scholarship to the University of Washington School of Law. Upon graduation I spent approximately 6 years in construction claims and Finance/Risk Management. I returned to New Jersey recently and currently head all construction insurance programs for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, including the re-build of WTC. 
    Didn't exactly graduate. Dropped out and came back about 6 times, frustrating my teachers, parents, and guidance counselors, all of whom were sure I'd end up a complete failure, before finally leaving high school for good during my Senior year (1986). 


    Rosemary Binder    Nursing
    I'am working for a car dealer doing all the accounting work for them.Just got married this past year to a wonderful man. Where the heck are all our classmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!I found some on classmates.com and a few on facebook but nobody keeps tab on the emails or new menbers that join. 

    Cindy Donnelly Nursing
    I live in Reynoldsburg ohio I have an 18 yr old son I drive a school bus for Gahanna School district

    Christine Kayan     Horticulture

    Leslie Kiddish   Graphic Arts  
    I am organizing the 25th reunion for the Class of 1985.   

    Ruth Mihal Perkins    Beauty Culture
    I have alot of fond memories about Vo-Tech. I loved my Beauty Culture teacher Mrs. Rich, my English teacher Mr. Miller, my History teacher Mr. Frey, and my math teacher Mrs. Baer. I am now a wife, mother and homemaker. But I worked for years  doing hair and nails, and at one point owned a nail salon.

    Glenn Pettit    Welding
     I  spent 6 long hard yrs in college which earned me an Associated degree in Math/Science and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked as a Mechanical Engineer since 1999. I currently work for a consulting firm that specialized in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing renovations. I have managed several major renovation projects at Princeton University to date. 
      I could not have gotten to where I am today if it were not for my teachers and classmates at SCVTHS. Thanks for everything. 

    John R. Shaw     Auto Shop
    I have been with Ford Motor Company for 24 years.

    Anthony O. Cole   Drafting and Design

    Henry Weil    Electronics
    I am current working for the Bank of New York Mellon. I manage their servers in their New Jersey locations. 

    Joe Yanotta Plumbing, Heating, AC
    Working for a gas utility company for the last 24 years.  I just saw this site and was sad to see few entries from our class.  I had a lot of good times at the school and I thought that the class of 83 was great!


    Alexander Blew   Diesel
      Fleet Manager for a Construction Company

    Yvonne Ciesla   Beauty Culture 
    I am working as a Medical Assistant for a pediatric office.  My oldest is 23 and married...my youngest is 18 and in college...my middle child, Randy, is 22 and a punk rocker.  Love it!  I would really love to get our 25th high school reunion together ASAP. 

    Susan Flint Dutka   Commercial Foods  
    I am currently on disability awaiting my 3rd kidney transplant. So I really don't want to brag about anything at this time. I do have a wonderful support group though.

    Todd Reeves    Electrical construction
    I am currently married with a child on the way living/working in Temecula, California. After I graduated from SCVSC I worked as an apprentice for TREK Electric located in Plainfield for like 1 year, then found the trade not what I was looking for to be the rest of my life, so I went back to working at restaurants and so here I am today, as a cook in a restaurant, and my brother is an Electrician in NJ..go figure.

    Robin Dryberg Ryan   Medical Assistant
    Receptionist in a dental office.

    Suzanne M (Weaver) Trobuline    Medical Assistant/Med.Transcriptionist


    Bernard A. Jewson     Autobody
    Part-time student for Autobody.  Now I am a police officer.  If not for Dave Russel (teacher) and SCVTHS I would have never graduated.

    Michael Tokash   Electronics, Radio and Television
    I'm currently working for a environmental catalyst company as a network administrator.

    Jonathan Prugh
       Machine shop
    I am Accenture consultant in the area of logistics. Specifically I am a SAP expert and I install sophisticated software for the fortune 100 companies.