•  2009

    Marc Borelli      Auto Body
     I work at Flemington Auto Body, full time.


    Dane Hammond     Theatre Arts
    I'm currently enrolled in Five Towns College for my BFA in Theatre Arts. I will be entering my sophmore year this coming September. 

    Jessica Dronebarger    Landscape Maint./Floral Design
    I would like to say that I miss everyone and I still would love to graduate from there. I am currently attending adult night school at Southern Regional. After I graduate I am going to continue my education in the Business Field.

    Matt Goodman    Carpentry/Building Trades
    I am currently working for Local #455 Carpentry Union.  I am thankful for the foundation of skills that I learned at vocational school.  Ed Crumb, George Lee and Mike Herrera were helpful in getting me where I am today.  It is greatly appreciated.

    Nancy Torrone    Nursing

    Chris Walk   Auto Mechanics
    August 14 I start college down in Virginia Beach.

    Christina Bridgewater   Landscape and floral design/Health Occupations
    I am attending Middlesex County College in Edison and am doing great !

    Ryan Guerard  Graphics Art & Design 
    I am currently working at my Screen Printing job at Efinger's in Bound Brook. Will be planning to further study Graphics Art for school as soon as possible. Decided to take a couple of years off to benefit myself and decide what I truly desire which field of art to study. 

    Emily Heron    Commercial Arts
    I am attending Edinboro University.  I am majoring in Animation.
    Chan em e@yahoo.com

    Jessica Vaccaro      Cosmetology
    Right now I am attending Monmouth University as a Social Work Major.


    Kelly Bacorn    Culinary
    I currently work at Johnson & Johnson, as I have since 2005. I still do Cakes on the side, for fun.. I am engaged and getting married in 8 months!!

    Brittany Puzio     Culinary Arts

    Jessica Stanley    Art & Design
    (Still very interested in performing arts environment) Finishing my second year at Montclair State University.  Working on my art portfolio, have had a few 3D installation/performance pieces! :)

    Matt Dieterman    Diesel  
    currently working for Somerset County Vehicle Maintenance (big thanks to Mr. H for the job info) The kids are doing great too. Had a little guy on 1/21/07. 8 pounds 11 ounces.
    Tam J. Garcia    Performing Arts - Musical Theatre
    I am currently singing and playing guitar for the Hub City Stompers, based out of New Brunswick and performing on my own as a singer/song writer. I am also in the process, with several childhood friends, of creating our Management company.
    Latin poet 72586@yahoo.com

    Ernie Hall   Culinary Arts
    I am very excited about this idea of alumni group and I am willing to as they say head this committee and any thing that has to do with it. I am working for Bridgewater schools as a cook.

    Colleen (Smith) Jaczuk   Cosmetology

    Megan Ramon     Health Occupations
     am currently working at the ARC of Middlesex County. I work with adults with deveolpmental disabilites and enjoy it each and every day. I am an EMT but unable to work, or volunteer due to fibromyalsia. I am doing well and if all goes well maybe I will be able to do that again one day, but "cant live with the what-if's". So I'm opening my own business as a wedding and event planner hopfully by the end of March. Im getting it all together now. I married my high school sweetheart Thomas Ramon. We were married June, 14, 2008 and july 24 Thomas had major open heart surgery (as expected) and he's doing well. I guess the power of healing will always be with me :-). So besides from always making sure he's ok, and taking his coumadin, were doing great. No children yet, but maybe in a few years. Another Vo-tech match! 
    Thank you to all my teachers my senior year! And thank you to Mr. Jones! And also Congrats to Mrs. V. I'm so happy you got teacher of the year. Now all can see what a great teacher you are and the length you will go for your students, but what a great person you are! Hope everythings well! Please feel free to e-mail me. 


    Todd Borelli    Graphic Arts and Design

    Jason Chmielewski   Culinary Arts
    Working for a transportation brokerage company.

    Jolaine Duncan   Aguilar    Landscaping
    Currently got married, have 4 beautiful kids 3 boys and a girl, im a stay at home mom, enjoy watching my children grow I married My high school sweetheart Michael Aguilar..and is currently living in Oklahoma 

    Jeremy Reynolds     Carpentry
     I am in the army as a movement specialist tracking and locating high proitory cargo and persons Iraq wide.

    A nthony Velez      Electrical Construction 

    U.S. Air Force.Enlisted since Jan 2004, currently station at Elmendorf AFB Alaska.

    Karl Schuster   Auto Body
    I am working at Cort Auto body as Head Painter.

    Jorge Mario Linarez    Auto body
    US Navy

    Kevin McMorrow       Auto Mechanics 

    Working at Millennium Volkswagen and Tom DeLucas Towing

    Jennifer Smith    Health Occupation 
    I'm a stay at home mom to 33m old Robert and 7wk old Samantha and wife of 2 yrs to my high school sweetheart Keith Hutchings, together 9 yrs. I graduated Gibbs College 6 wks before Roberts birth with 3.96GPA in Business. I talk to Amir (Harris) De La Nuez daily who has my godchildren AJ(3yr)and Janavia(3months) the same ages as my kids. I planning to move to North Carolina to be closer to Amir & Jose in Georgia. I currently working towards my Bachelor's in Social Studies Teaching so I can teach in an Elementary school in NC (thanks Mrs. Phening for encouraging my love of history). 

    Shannon Toth Cosmetology
    I am currently working as a service consultant for a local car dealership.


    Amir (Harris)  De La Nuez   Health occupations 
    Stay-At-Home Mom Two wonderful kids, my daughter is three months old wife of High scholl sweetheart Jose De La Nuez. We live in Ga now.

    Joseph R. Cyr  Welding  
     I am a field inspector / welder for the South Central region of the US for Terex Utilities Field Service out of SanAntonio, Texas; covering Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, and Louisiana and surrounding areas

    Kimberly Givens     Cosmetology
    I am currently a salon owner with 8 employees.  Business is great and I am so grateful I was trained by SCVTHS.

    Tze Lai      Building Trade
    U.S. Air Force

    Danielle Lawrence     Nursing
    Automotive Technician

    Danielle Stately     Landscaping
    Leaving for the United States Army and getting remarried to Paul Rotunda.