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    New Graphic Communications

    Program Unveiled at SCVTHS

    Over the summer, the Commercial Art and Print Shop Programs were officially combined 

    into a Graphic Communications Program 

    which promises to bring fresh and exciting 

    challenges to the students at Somerset County 

    Vocational & Technical High School.

    The merging of the programs began with a 

    renovation and physical move of the Commercial 

    Art classroom which is now located next door to 

    the Print Shop. With the move accomplished, the 

    time was right to combine the Commercial Art 

    and Printing Programs into one Graphic 

    Communications Program.

    The curriculum has since 

    been updated so that all Graphic Communications 

    students will be given instruction focused on 

    the business aspects of the industry. More 

    specifically, students will learn how to balance 

    budgets, take and complete orders, manage jobs 

    and time, service customers, and meet deadlines. 

    To accomplish this goal students will become 

    project managers as they create production 

    schedules, follow through with customers, and 

    see entire projects from inception to completion 

    as they interact with the public.

    An important addition to the new Graphic 

    Communications Program is the new production 

    room, located between the two instructional areas. 

    This production area will be used by students to 

    take orders for in-house projects such as brochures, 

    flyers, and posters, as well as teacher-approved jobs 

    from outside community organizations.

    The students will certainly be busy this 

    school year as their instructors ensure that 

    they will be well-prepared and given a taste for 

    real-world working conditions.