Electrical Construction

  • Employment for electricians is expected to grow
    about 14% over the next 10 years,
    much faster than the average for all occupations.
    Job prospects for electricians should be very good
    as many employers report difficulty finding qualified applicants.
    The median pay for an electrician in 2015 was $51,880 per year
    or $24.94 per hour.

    (Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)


    Electrical Construction instructor working on a project with a student  

    The Electrical Construction Program provides students with instruction in various electrical installations and related skills, safety standards, tools, instrumentation, and terminology. Topics covered in this course include wiring systems, conductors, box assemblies, device wiring, overcurrent protection, and grounding. Also included is an introduction to the National Electrical Codebook (NEC). Students perform standard single pole switch, three way switch, four way switch, duplex grounding receptacle and lighting fixture installation. Installations are completed from rough to trim out. Students practice all skills in a lab setting on a simulated residential structure. 

    Electrical Construction student repairing a ceiling fixture  


    Year 1
    Construction Cluster, Intro to Carpentry, Plumbing,
    Electrical, Electrical Fundamentals, Residential Electrical

    Year 2
    Alternating Current and Direct Current Principles,
    Electrical Prints and Planning

    Year 3
    Advanced Residential Electrical Installations,
    Commercial Appliances

    Year 4
    Industrial Applications, Self-directed Learning,
    Opportunity for Work-Study/Apprenticeship


    Classes meet for 3 periods/2 hours per day, 5 days a week

    Average number of new students accepted per year: 10

    Opportunity for professional certifications: YES

    Opportunity to earn college credits: YES


    Elec Construction Future Careers


    Utility Worker

    Electrical Engineer

    Industrial Engineer

    Construction Worker

    Solar Power Technician

    Electronics Technician

    Construction Inspector

    Home Entertainment System Technician



    Recent Student



    Becker College

    Drexel University

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

    Raritan Valley Community College

    United States Marine Corps