Computer Science

  • Employment opportunities in the field of computer and information technology systems are expected to grow by over 10% in the next 10 years. The median wage for computer and information technology occupations was $81,430 in May of 2016.

    (US Gov., Bureau of Labor Statistic)

    Program Overview:

    Year 1:  Computer Science Essentials:  Students will use visual, block-based programming and seamlessly transition to text-based programming with languages such as Python to create apps and develop websites.

    Year 2:  Cybersecurity:  Nationally, computational resources are vulnerable and frequently attacked; in Cybersecurity, students solve problems by understanding and closing these vulnerabilities.

    Year 3:  Computer Science Principles:  Using Python® as a primary tool, students learn the fundamentals of coding, data processing, data security, and task automation.

    Year 4:  Computer Science A:  Students cultivate their understanding of coding through analyzing, writing, and testing code as they explore concepts like modularity, variables, and control structures.

    Classes meet for 2 periods/80 minutes, 5 days a week


    Two Integrated Technology Systems students working on their projects