Law & Public Safety

  • Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, New Jersey  


    Employment of protective service occupations is projected
    to grow 4% in the next 10 years, resulting in approximately
    153,900 new job openings across the United States.
    Protective service occupations have a median annual wage
    of $37,730, higher than the average for all occupations combined.

               (Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)


    Officer from Sheriff's office addressing class of Law & Public Safety students

     The Law and Public Safety Program has been developed in partnership with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. Students will learn the skills that they can apply to work in criminal justice or emergency management. Students learn emergency first aid care, understand the criminal justice system, gain a working knowledge of the United States Constitution, enhance their teamwork skills, build their physical fitness, and learn basic police procedures. The program also meets a student’s physical education (gym) requirements for high school education. 


    Law and Public Safety student at SCVTHS learning how to operate equipment Curriculum

    Year 1
    Basic skills, first aid, first responder training,
    history of criminal justice, the U.S. Constitution

    Year 2
    Police equipment and technology,
    NJ traffic law, organization, report writing, organized crime

    Year 3
    Civil vs. criminal law, dispatching, interrogation,
    crime scene investigation, gathering & processing evidence

    Year 4
    Controlled substances, criminal corrections system,
    communicating with the public, guidelines for use of force


    Officer and black German shepherd dog from Somerset County's K9 unit


    Classes meet for 3 periods/
    2 hours per day, 5 days a week

    Average number of new students
    accepted per year: 12

    Opportunity for professional certifications: YES

    Opportunity to earn college credits: YES 


    Future Careers

    Corrections Officer
    Fire Fighter
    Police Officer
    Public Safety Coordinator
    Security Officer

    Law and Public Safety student with a law enforcement dog   

    Law n Public Safety

    Recent Student



    John Jay College
    Middlesex County College
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Raritan Valley Community College
    St John’s University
    St Peter’s University
    Virginia Tech
    William Patterson University




    Law and Public Safety Classroom at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School