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    I have been asked by the Dance department to recommend students from our program who are available and interested in participating as actors in their April FORMAL DANCE CONCERT.  An outdoor venue is being considered but has not yet been confirmed.

    Selected students for the performance will be given text to read during various parts of the dance perfomance. The text will consist of poetry that supports each dance piece and focuses on themes of resilience and triumph. In fact, if you would like to recommend a poem, please let Sheila know.

    Your CALENDAR COMMITMENT would be:

    1) There will be some rehearsal time of the text with either me or dance faculty, not during A SHOP before April 20th. 

    2) Students must be available for rehearsal with the dancers between 1:00pm and 5:00 pm on APRIL 20, 21, 22 and 23.  I suspect there may be some flexibility if there is an academic class conflict.  

    3) Students must be available for both FORMAL DANCE CONCERT dates of APRIL 23 and 24. The Call time on both dates is  5:30 pm with a Performance time of 7:30 pm.

    Let me know via email by Thursday, February 25th if you would like to be considered. Earlier if possible.           ---    JOE




    THEATER HISTORY classes will be held on eight Fridays between February 19th and April 16th. 

    Each of these eight Friday classes will begin at 7:50 am and run for approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

    As usual, all freshmen and sophomores have been given a topic to research and present to the class. Juniors and seniors have been assigned a freshman or sophomore to mentor.

    The eight Friday class sessions will also be recorded for later viewing by any student unable to attend class that day due to an academic class conflict. If you are not presnt and do not have an academic conflict or and excusable reason as defined by teh school handbook then it will count as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE and you will still be reuired to watch the recording of the missed class.

    Student Presenters who are not available to attend on the Fridays they are assigned to present their topic will instead pre-record their presentation as a 20-minute conversation with me. This will occur on a pre-arranged weeknight. It will then be viewed by the class at their scheduled Friday session. A second option is to arrange a swap of dates and topic with a classmate so that both students can present their topics live. Such a swap must be approved in advance by Joe Mancuso.

    See Joe if you have any questions.



    These are your PE assignments for Marking Period 1. Please look over them carefully and be sure to respond to each of them thoroughly and thoughtfully. Hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.         - Mrs. Kinlan

    Assignment 2: Due January 20th
    Find a different fitness or sport related article. Read the article and write a summary of the article; including the title of the article, a summary, and opinion on the article. Summary should be at least 300 words



    Alison's rosters February & March

    Seniors - 

    • Check for Alison's email (sent 4/12 at 10:33am) for how to prepare for Thursday's class (4/15).
    • VM seniors - your triad post-test is due Thursday by 11:59pm. I am available for extra help before then, but ask me soon to make sure we find the time! 
    • Avery, I need you to send me your triad ear training pretest. See my email from 3/15 for instructions.

    Juniors -

    • While everyone should be prepared to sing at every class, here is a breakdown of when we expect you to sing your practical (all are expected to attend both days unless you have a pre-approved class conflict on our schedule):
      • Tuesday, 4/13 - Paris, Kevin, Vanessa, Mia, Maeve 
      • Wednesday, 4/14 - [Alaina], Noah, Nala, Silvana, Caroline, Ari  
    • See my email from 4/11 at 9:48pm for details.


    Freshmen -

    • Warm-ups and class will be with Alison on Tuesday 4/13 & Wednesday 4/14. 
    • See Alison's email from 10:24am on 4/7 for your final assignments for this module. Deadlines are as early as 4/7, so don't wait thinking everything is due by our next class! Read the email carefully.

    Hi everyone!

    These are your PE assignments for Marking Period 1.
    Please look over them carefully and be sure to respond to each of them thoroughly and thoughtfully.
    Hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Assignment 1: Due October 14th

    How has this pandemic affected your physical fitness. Has it affected it in a positive way or a negative way. What have you learned about yourself and your fitness levels over this time? Were you more motivated to workout or less motivated? 

    Assignment 2: Due November 11th

    Why is being in good physical shape important to your craft? What activities do you prefer most when it comes to working out? Are there any physical activities that help you more with your craft than others?









    NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) is allowed in any of our spaces.
    STUDENT COUNCIL:   Any student who is interested in joining the Student Council, please see the following instructors:
    Freshmen: Mr. Poznanski   --   Sophomores: Ms. Melick  --   Juniors: Ms. Gillooly  ---  Seniors: Ms. Francis

    Alison's email:

    Paul's email:

    Joe's email:

    Laura's email:  


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