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  • Welcome to the Culinary Arts classroom website!


    Due to COVID-19 we are currently learning remotely. Email will be the primary method for individual contact. Google Classroom will be our classroom page for receiving any class announcements, assignments, materials, and discussion questions.


    Instructors' Email Addresses:

    • Chef J:
    • Mr. M:
    • Mr. Mathews:


    Google Classroom Codes:

    • A Shop
      • 2nd Year: p5hkpor
      • 3rd Year: p7uptru
      • 4th Year: h7pqgq2
    • B Shop
      • 2nd Year: msoyaq7
      • 3rd Year: fgp4x6j
    • C Shop - 1st Year: 6lsikls
    • REM 1 - 3rd & 4th Year: nrl56ay