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    1) check their email every day; or,
    2) set an alert on a personal device that indicates an email from us has been received. Then, read the email.
    This site (THEATER ARTS ANNOUNCEMENTS PAGE) will remain a place for department announcements and reminders from your teachers. Check it regularly to make sure nothing is being missed.

    Yom Kippur - School Closed: Monday, September 25th
    Open HouseStudent volunteers wanted!Saturday, October 14th
    Freshman Tech Informal - Thursday, October 26th at 7pm
    A CLASS ACTION - If you are not in the cast or the crew, you must usher at least one performance! - Thursday, November 16th - Saturday, November 18th
    Theater Arts HourStudent volunteers wanted! - Thursday, November 30th at 6pm (Zoom)
    Auditions for new studentsStudent volunteers wanted! - January 16th, 18th, & 25th (Zoom monologue callback class: Monday, January 22nd)
    Freshman Informal - Thursday, June 6th
    Graduation - Thursday, June 20th

    Sept 25th Sept 26th Sept 27th Sept 28th Sept 29th Sept 30th
      Warmups Warmups Warmups Warmups  
      Alison: All jrs & srs - D128/129 Paul: All jrs & srs - D111 Alison: All jrs & srs - D128/129 Paul: All jrs & srs - D111  
    Yom Kippur Paul: All frosh & sophs - D111 Alison: All frosh & sophs- D128/129 Paul: All frosh & sophs - D111 Alison: All frosh & sophs- D128/129  
    SCHOOL Rehearsal TECH (Stage) Rehearsal TECH (Stage) Rehearsal TECH (Stage) Rehearsal TECH (Stage)  
    CLOSED John/Laurie- Freshmen John/Laurie- Freshmen John/Laurie- Freshmen John/Laurie- Freshmen MAINSTAGE
      Scene Study/Text Analysis Solo Rep Monologues Scene Study/Text Analysis Solo Rep Monologues REHEARSAL
      Paul- Sophomores (D128) Paul- Jrs/Seniors (D128) Paul- Sophomores (D128) Paul- Jrs/Seniors (D128)  
      Vocal Music (D129) Vocal Music (D129) Vocal Music (D129) Vocal Music (D129) 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
      Alison- Juniors/Seniors Alison- Sophomores Alison- Juniors/Seniors Alison- Sophomores  
      Rehearsal (D111) Rehearsal (D111) Rehearsal (D111) Rehearsal (D111) as called
      Dave- Cast of Class Action Dave- Cast of Class Action Dave- Cast of Class Action Dave- Cast of Class Action  

    Review "Grip Top Sock" and "Amidst the Mists" here. Memorize "Grip Top Sock" and "I'm a Little Teapot" (German version)
    Department required materials & dress-out:
    • Yoga mat: Bring one to warm-ups every day unless directed to do otherwise. Make sure to write your name on it with a Sharpie. Don't leave it behind in class!
    • Something to write with (2 pencils if writing in a script or sheet music) and something to write on
    • Water - in a reusable bottle - Don't leave it behind in class!
    Dress out:
    • Black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers
    • Solid black pants
    • Black, white, or solid-color shirts (no graphics or logos)
    • Extra layer if cold (no graphics or logos; do not wear the hood if the outer layer has one).
    • No hats
    • No jewelry (except new piercings)
    • No long nails/artificial nails
    • Minimal, natural makeup

    Casting Notice: Class Action by Brad Slaight

    An evening of diverse scenes and monologues about life at a high school. Step outside the classroom and see where the real learning happens among over 50 high school students who navigate self-image, stereotypes, heartbreak, fear, determination, and opportunities that lie within themselves and their peers in moments between and after class. Presented in cooperation with Samuel French.

    Cast List

    Anthony Villanova

    Will Lawson

    Sam Soybel

    Madi Hidalgo

    Mai An Le

    Jenna Dickson

    Justin Rawlins

    Kiera Vidal

    Treasure Carmody

    Rose Fender

    Alexa Speeney

    Bryanna Pasternak

    Grace Aulicino

    Mary Reilly

    Quen Marcillo

    Shubham Roy

    Andi Kern


    REHEARSALS: Rehearsals will occur 5 days a week in the morning during class, Tuesday/Thursday from 5-8 p.m., and Saturday from 10-2 p.m. Not every actor will be called to every rehearsal, and some rehearsals may be canceled depending on our progress. Tech week starts Saturday, November 11, with an 8-6 pm rehearsal. Here is an updated rehearsal calendar. 

    PERFORMANCES: 11/16-11/18, 7:30 pm (call at 5 pm)

    This Week's Rehearsal Schedule: 

    Tuesday, September 26, 2023


    Costumes with Bonnie



    Scene 18 (Rose and all)

    Scene 29 (Madi, Grace, Mary, and all)

    Scene 10 (Will, Jenna, Andi, Justin)

    Scene 9 (Sam)


    Wednesday, September 27, 2023


    Run scenes 1-10


    Thursday, September 28, 2023


    Scene 12 (Grace)

    Scene 13 (Keira and Mary)

    Scene 14 (Quen)



    Scene 16 (Grace, Mai An, Kiera)

    Scene 17 (Treasure and Jenna)

    Scene 19 (Sam and Kiera)


    Friday, September 29, 2023


    Run Scenes 1-19


    Saturday, September 30, 2023

    10 AM

    Scene 20 (all)

    Review all full-ensemble scenes


    11:30 AM

    Scene 21 (Mary)

    Scene 22 (Andi, Justin, Madi)

    Scene 23 (Mary and Grace)


    Rehearsal ends at 1 pm


    1. Given Circumstances...due 9/25 at 7:45 am



    9/13/23: See picture day instructions above.

                  No reports are needed in the quarter you have Health class:
                         1st Q - sophomores; 2nd Q - juniors; 3rd Q - seniors; 
    4th Q - freshmen
    You must include the physical education standards in your weekly report to Ms. Kinlin. Copy them here and paste them into your report.
    -  2.2.12.MSC.2: Analyze the application of force and motion (e.g., weight transfer, power, speed, agility, range of motion) and modify movement to impact performance.
    -  2.2.12.MSC.3: Design, lead, and critique rhythmic and physical activity that includes variations in time, space, force, flow, and relationships (e.g., creative, cultural, social, aerobics, dance, fitness).
    - 2.2.12.LF.4: Exhibit responsible social behavior by including and cooperating with classmates of all skill levels, assisting when needed, and collaborating respectfully to solve problems in groups, teams, and pairs during physical activity.

    Sign up for the Google Health classroom now! Email Ms. Kinlan with questions: 

    From Paul:
    Remember to watch the video on proper diaphragmatic breathing. 
    First and second-year students: If you did not receive my email with Grip Top Sock, email me, and I will send it to you.


    NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) is allowed in any of our spaces.
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    Alison's email:
    Paul's email:
    Laurie's email:   
    John's email: 

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