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    INSTRUCTOR: Maureen Glennon Clayton      RHYTHMICS (Quarter 2 – 8 classes)


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    1& 2& 3& 4& 5& 6& 7& 8&

    1&a 2&a 3&a 4&a 5&a 6&a 7&a 8&a

    1y&a 2y&a 3y&a 4y&a 5y&a 6y&a 7y&a 8y&a


    1 2 3 4y&a 5 6&a 7 8

    1& 2& 3 HOLD4 5&a 6 7y&a 8

    Dance Actions



    Skip (Step Hop)




    Weight Shift




    ***Assignment to think about, will be creating during class time:

    Create a rhythmic movement phrases incorporating some of the dance actions above.


    INSTRUCTOR: Joe Mancuso

    Create a GOOGLE Document:   TREES [LASTNAME] DRAFT 1

                Share with Joe as an EDITOR and share with everyone in your group as VIEWER

    ASSIGNMENT: By 12/1 CLASS, put down your rough ideas for the added text. Be prepared to volunteer in class to develop further.



    ACLHS Cast:    

    Update from Alison re: recording remaining underscored text- Remaining underscored text (lines and dialogue spoken over music) can be sent to me. I have shared folders for this purpose. Include your first name, the measure numbers, the underscore/song number, and the word TEXT. Email me when it is in the folder so I can begin lining it up. If multiple people are involved in a number, you may designate someone to record first, so that I can line that person up with the performance track and let the next people in the scene fill in the blanks. Or, just send everything to me individually. Hold off on #23 Alternatives for now. #22 has been cut.


    Alison's roster December & January: 

    I shared a spreadsheet with you on Tuesday, 11/24 around 10:45am. UPDATE THIS if your information changes.
    Meeting ID: 981 6566 6033
    Passcode: Love2sing!

    Homework from Day 2:

    1) Watch Episode 1, Part 2-3, making note of any elements you found interesting or surprising. Keep track of any questions that come up for you as well. We'll discuss these observations and questions in class on Monday (12/7).

    2) Read Chapter 1 by Monday (12/7). Feel free to get a head start or skim it to see if it holds the answers to questions you have from the video. Each chapter goes with an episode - chapter 1 = episode 1, and so on.

    3) For those of you attending in person on Mondays, please bring headphones and a device that will enable you to access the readings and videos. That way, if we have technical difficulties, we can still rehearse and research. You may borrow a chromebook, but BYO headphones.

    4) Have your straw on Tuesdays. Have our warm-up docs ready in case you need to consult them.

    5) As you view and read, be on the lookout for who and what you feel is MOST important to the era we're studying. Start thinking about how you might --individually or with others-- perform something that captures the essence of that important person/style/musical/song. I have many other readings and resources that I can make available to you upon request.

    I sent the zoom link to the video of this morning's class to those of you who were absent or had to leave early. However, I can make that available to any of you who need it. Just let me know.

    Wednesdays (D128/129) & Thursdays (Remote): VM Seniors 

    Thursday zoom info:
    Meeting ID: 917 8349 4027
    Passcode: Love2Sing!



    Hi everyone!

    These are your PE assignments for Marking Period 1.
    Please look over them carefully and be sure to respond to each of them thoroughly and thoughtfully.
    Hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Assignment 1: Due October 14th

    How has this pandemic affected your physical fitness. Has it affected it in a positive way or a negative way. What have you learned about yourself and your fitness levels over this time? Were you more motivated to workout or less motivated? 

    Assignment 2: Due November 11th

    Why is being in good physical shape important to your craft? What activities do you prefer most when it comes to working out? Are there any physical activities that help you more with your craft than others?









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