• Cast and Crew: Break a leg this weekend!


    UPDATE as of 11/21: awaiting six more forms - due 11/27 or see me to make other arrangements for a later date. How well this is handled will determine the outcome of any decision about future trips.
    As always, there are only two acceptable responses to a deadline:
    1) meet the deadline, or
    2) communicate in advance your concern about being able to meet the deadline so we can work together on a solution.


    WEEK OF 11/18

    Wednesday, 11/20
    Cast and crew: Auditorium— Assembly preview performance 
    Paul’s class: D128/129 for warm-ups & class. 

    Thursday, 11/21
    Cast & crew report to auditorium at 7:45. No dress out.

    Sheila: Non-cast upperclassmen in D128/129; physical warm-up

    Paul’s class: Remain in D128/129 for vocal warm-up and class 
    Cast & Crew: Remain in auditorium

    Evening: Dress rehearsal (5pm call, 7pm GO)

    Friday, 11/22
    Paul’s class: D128/129 for warm-ups & class
    Cast & Crew: Auditorium. No dress out.

    Evening: AOL Performance at 7:30 (5pm call; ushers arrive at 6:45pm)

    Saturday, 11/23
    AOL Performances at 2pm (Noon call; ushers arrive at 1:15pm) & 7:30pm (6pm call; ushers arrive at 6:45pm)

    WEEK OF 11/24

    Monday, 11/24
    Cast: Report to auditorium for strike
    Freshmen & Paul’s class: Report to D128/129

    Tuesday, 11/25 & Wednesday, 11/26
    No dress out today. ALL report to the auditorium at 7:45 with something to write with and something to write on (chrome books are acceptable provided you can stay on task). You will be taking notes for your critique assignment while watching one of the performances of Arsenic & Old Lace on video.

    Thursday, 11/27 & Friday, 11/28: NO SCHOOL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    To freshmen from Laura & Alison:
    Assignments & Reminders
    Due Wednesday, 11/27: Final draft of character development/haiku assignment (see Laura's email from 11/19 for instructions)

    Due Tuesday, 12/3:

    • On the first class of your next module with Alison, you need to bring your notes to share any comments, observations, or responses to the many journal prompts and observational activities we’ve done. This is your opportunity to share anything you had to write down because we ran out of time to call on you in class. Think back over all of your:

      Observations and tracking: 
      -Negative thought tally
      -Your physical/emotional habits
      -Responses to stimuli (how you react), perhaps to the “pangs” in everyday life that inspire you to vocalize
      -The behavior of others and what catches your eye in their environments

      Reflections & realizations:
      -Discoveries in the work both in-class and beyond
      -Epiphanies prompted by readings, warm-ups, and classroom activities 
      -Changes you’ve noticed compared to before the module
      -Goals you’ve been able to set and meet using the skills you’re learning in the module, as well as goals you have moving forward 

      Questions you still have

    Other reminders:

    • Develop your “emotional bank” by brainstorming strong emotion categories, then listing three things that bring you to those emotional states (example: “Three things that bring me joy are. . .”)*
      *NOTE: The "Emotional Bank" is private. We require you to work on it, but not to share it. Unlike the assignments above, this is not DUE tomorrow, because it is private and ongoing.

    • During tech week and throughout the run, whenever you notice signs of stress or fatigue (tension, breath holding, habitual movements, vocal fry, strain, etc.), reset yourself in the present moment by tuning into the sensations of your breath, then ease up, ease out, and send breath to areas that need release. Use breaks for self care, perhaps by taking a walk, rehydrating, stretching, or finding a quiet place to meditate.
    TO ALL FROM ALISON: Take a look and give a listen. This is what we'll be working on in warm-ups in marking period 2:
    You are responsible for notes on the days you miss class.
                                             "The hardest part of listening is keeping your mouth shut"
    Do not wait until the next class to see me if you have questions about your work. If you are unprepared because you waited until class for clarification you will receive a failing grade for that day.
    Play with your text this weekend- We will assess progress Monday
    Essence work 
     Continue your essence work. Choose various people in your life. Keep practicing.
    Try to feel the essence of someone close to you. You need to be in their presence when you do this.
    Do not let them know about this assignment until after the work is done. Otherwise, their energy will be different.
    Can you describe it? Write down what you are feeling when you do this. What sense do you get from this person?
    Do this objectively-without relationship status or judgment of past or present conflict or positive feelings about this individual.
    Grip Top Sock and Amidst The Mists

    Give me the gift of a grip-top sock, /A clip drape shipshape tip-top sock. /Not your spin slick slapstick slipshod stock, /But a plastic, elastic grip-top sock./None of your fantastic slack swap slop/From a slapdash flash cash haberdash shop./Not a knick-knack knit lock knock-kneed /knickerbocker sock/With a mock-shot blob-mottled trick-ticker top clock./Not a super sheet seersucker rucksack sock,/Not a spot-speckled frog-freckled cheap sheik's sock/Off a hodge-podge moss-blotched scotch-botched block./Nothing slipshod drip drop flip flop or glip-glop/Tip me to a tip-top grip top sock.

    NOTE: Hyphens vs. bold words: When we are taking turns saying each word in plank position, note that the bold words are one word, but the hyphenated words will be broken up into two. For example, if Alison was next to Paul and it was her turn to speak, she would say "grip-" and Paul would say "top" because grip-top is hyphenated. However, if Alison was next to Paul and it was her turn, she would say "shipshape" and Paul's next word would be "tip." They would NOT say "ship" and "shape," because shipshape is one word. 
     Amidst The Mists

    Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
    with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
    he thrusts his fists against the posts
    and still insists he sees the ghosts.

    Oh what a to-do to die today at a minute or two to two 
    A thing distinctly hard to say yet harder still to do 
    For they'll beat a tattoo at twenty to two
    With a rattatta tattatta tattatta too
    And the dragon will come when he hears the drum 
    At a minute or two 'til to today 
    At a minute or two to two.

    NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) is allowed in any of our spaces.
    STUDENT COUNCIL:   Any student who is interested in joining the Student Council, please see the following instructors:
    Freshmen: Mr. Poznanski   --   Sophomores: Ms. Melick  --   Juniors: Ms. Gillooly  ---  Seniors: Ms. Francis

    Alison's email:

    Paul's email:

    Joe's email:

    Laura's email:  


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