• Evals!  
    • Use Joe's Zoom link for your eval
    • Check Alison's email from June 6th for the schedule of guest classes as well as the links you'll need
    • After looking at the schedule in Alison's June 6th email, reply to Alison ASAP if you'd like to sing in the YogaVoice masterclasses

    Juniors - On the morning of Tuesday, June 8th, report to Joe's link at 7:50am. You'll migrate over to Alison's link after warm-ups and once we're ready to open the "virtual house."


    Freshmen - Call time Tuesday evening is 6:30pm. Your guests must not enter the school building until the time printed on their tickets. 


    Keep on top of your health assignments for Ms. Kinlan! 


    Hi everyone!

    These are your PE assignments for Marking Period 1.
    Please look over them carefully and be sure to respond to each of them thoroughly and thoughtfully.
    Hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Assignment 1: Due October 14th

    How has this pandemic affected your physical fitness. Has it affected it in a positive way or a negative way. What have you learned about yourself and your fitness levels over this time? Were you more motivated to workout or less motivated? 

    Assignment 2: Due November 11th

    Why is being in good physical shape important to your craft? What activities do you prefer most when it comes to working out? Are there any physical activities that help you more with your craft than others?









    NO FOOD OR DRINK (except water) is allowed in any of our spaces.
    STUDENT COUNCIL:   Any student who is interested in joining the Student Council, please see the following instructors:
    Freshmen: Mr. Poznanski   --   Sophomores: Ms. Melick  --   Juniors: Ms. Gillooly  ---  Seniors: Ms. Francis

    Alison's email:

    Paul's email:

    Joe's email:

    Laura's email:  


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