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     Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School district athletic department seeks to provide a dynamic program that enhances the educational development of each student athlete. Student athletes have a more positive self-image, understand the value of perseverance and hard work and tend to view failure not as a setback, but rather as an important step in their road to success. Through positive role modeling and exemplary coaching, the SCVTHS athletic leadership team is committed to running an athletic program where students learn how to the harness their own innate leadership skills, form strong social bonds and work as a team to achieve common goals.

     The SCVTHS athletic leadership team invites you to join our team and become a Jaguar.

     See the Sports Participation Packet for Due Dates

    **Due dates are a guide to be cleared in time for tryouts. The dates are listed to assure those with their physical and participation packet in on time, will be cleared for participation in tryouts.

     Sports physicals must be submitted for each season. Physicals are performed by the student’s family physician. Physicals are valid for 365 days. If your physical is valid, complete the recertification form. Forms will be returned if not completed entirely.

    SCVTHS is a member of New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association - Central New Jersey Group I.  If you have any interest or questions about our sports teams, please contact Mr. Jaime Morales at jmorales@scvts.net or (908) 526-8900 x 7218


    Click the below links to view our Athletic Philosophy and Team Rules:

    Athletic Philosophy

    SCVTHS Athletic Handbook

    Team Rules

    Download the Sports Participation Packet here

    Health History Update Form

    Post-Concussion Return to Physical Activity Exercise Protocol

    Concussion Fact Sheet


    Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School provides the following athletic teams: 


    Boys Soccer (Varsity & JV)

    Girls Soccer (Varsity & JV)


    Boys Basketball (Varsity & JV)

    Girls Basketball (Varsity & JV)



    Baseball (Varsity & JV)

    Softball (Varsity & JV)


      Photo of Jaime Morales, Co-Athletic Director  
      Jaime Morales  
      Supervisor of Athletics/Student Discipline  
       908-526-8900, x7218   
    Tim Mancuso, Athletic Trainer
    Tim Mancuso
     Athletic Trainer
      Jessica Hernandez  
      Administrative Secretary  
       908-526-8900, x7263  
    Fall Coaches Winter Coaches Spring Coaches
    Jack O'Neill Maura Gillooly  James Strickhart
    Boys Varsity Soccer Coach  Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Varsity Baseball Coach
    joneill@scvts.net mgillooly@scvts.net  jstrickhart@scvts.net
    908-526-8900, x7223  908-526-8900, x7224 908-526-8900, x7169
     Brittany McGarry Meghan O'Reilly Welch  
    Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Coach Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Coach  
     bmcgarry@scvts.net  moreilly@scvts.net  
    908-526-8900 x7330   908-526-8900, x7159  
    Maura Gillooly Shannon Melick Brittany McGarry
    Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Cheerleading Head Coach Varsity Softball Coach
    mgillooly@scvts.net smelick@scvts.net bmcgarry@scvts.net
    908-526-8900, x7224 908-526-8900, x7187 908-526-8900 x7330
    Meghan O'Reilly Welch   Dan McGarry
    Girls Junior Varsity Soccer Coach   Junior Varsity Softball Coach
    908-526-8900, x7159