Team Rules:

    1. Participation in a game is at the discretion of the coaching staff.
    2. Players can be denied participating in games and/or practice for disciplinary reasons.
    3. Practice is necessary for team and individual success.  Players are expected to attend every practice and game unless they are absent from school due to illness or injury.  If that is the case, an email should be sent to your coach prior to the start of practice. Any absence should be disclosed to the coach prior to practice and games.
    4. Be on time for all practices and on game days.  Seeking extra help from a teacher is the only acceptable form of lateness.  Kindly have the teacher write you a pass to practice.
    5. You are expected to maintain your academic responsibility.  Classroom behavior and performance will be monitored frequently. Loss of playing time or suspension from the team may occur for those not performing well in the classroom, or receiving detentions. A grade of “C” or higher in all classes is mandatory.  
    6. All players are expected to be prepared for Physical Education class.  If a player is unprepared for Physical Education class, he/she will not be allowed to participate in practice or a game that day.  
    7. It is the players responsibility to safeguard and properly care for all equipment/uniforms issued to him or her. All equipment/uniforms must be returned within 7 days of the end of the season or last day of participation. Players/Parents understand that he or she is financially responsible for all equipment/uniforms.
    8. All players receive a locker for the duration of the season. Each player is required to use his or her locker to safeguard personal items, valuables and equipment/uniforms.
    9. Any instance of violence (including verbal and/or social media) directed towards another teammate or classmate or use of illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs, alcohol or tobacco products will result in disciplinary action. Discipline will be at the discretion of the athletics administration and will adhere to existing district policy.
    10. Displaying a proper “code of ethics” towards coaches, officials, spectators, and opposing players is expected at all times.
    11. All practices are closed.  Only team personnel are permitted in the gymnasium/on the field during practices.  
    12. If an injury occurs, you are to make the coaches aware ASAP, and the next day see the school nurse and athletic trainer before you are able to come back to practice.

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    I have read and understand the above rules.

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