Team of School Counselors/CST 2021-2022

  • Samantha Carter Susan Kiser Maureen Lawler Karen Winfield 
    x7283 x7273 x7259 x7296
    Academy 11 Academy 12 Academy 10  Academy 9, Auto Body
    Agricultural Science Culinary Arts/REM Cosmetology Automotive/Diesel Technology
    Carpentry, Electrical Construction Dance, Theater Arts Health Occupations Mechanics & Repair, Law & Public Safety
    Graphic Communications MEAM Computer Science TOPS, Welding Technology
      Case Manager & CTE Programs  
      Melissa Norrbom Maria Santiago  
      x7310 x7264  
      Agricultural Science Academy  
      Cosmetology Auto Body  
      Culinary Arts/REM Automotive/Diesel Technology  
      Graphic Communications Carpentry, Dance  
      Health Occupations Electrical Construction  
      Integrated Technology Systems Plumbing, Theater Arts  
      Law & Public Safety Welding Technology  

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