• September 6, 2020

    1. Good evening this is Mr. Montes, Principal calling parents, guardians, students and staff with few updates from Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools.

    2. Tuesday, September 8th is the first day of school using the XY remote schedule. 1st period starts at 9am and last period ends at 1:55pm. X Day covers periods 1-5 and Y Day covers periods 6-10. Tuesday will be an X Day. This schedule was emailed to all parents. It can also be found on our website.

    3. Also, on Tuesday September 8th and Wednesday September 9th are our Distribution Days. On Tuesday, 9th graders are scheduled from 9-11am and 10th Graders from 11-1pm. On Wednesday, 11th Graders are scheduled from 9-11am and 12th Graders from 11-1pm. It is a one stop shopping philosophy. Full time students will be able to pick up chromebooks and calculators. In addition, all students will be able to pick up course materials, photos for IDs and yearbook will be taken, Grab-n-Go breakfast and lunch meals for the week and students will be able to meet their teachers. Classes may be asynchronous on these days as some teachers are participating in the event. Please visit our website for designated times. Students that can't make it during their designated times can select one of the other options. This is also an opportunity for students to return any overdue items from last year.

    4. Students that have not received their schedules, please log onto Genesis and complete all the necessary school forms and the program will generate the schedule upon completion.

    5. All staff members are to report to school on Tuesday, September 8th at 7:30am.

    6. Thank you and Good Night


    August 30, 2020

    Good evening, this is Mr. Montes, principal of Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools, calling to inform parents, guardians, students and staff with updated information regarding our Restart and Re-Opening plan.

    1. As you may know, we have revised our Restart and Reopening plan to an all remote schedule until October 5th. The remote platform will be
    identified as an XY schedule to alleviate any confusion with the hybrid A/B schedule. X Day will cover periods 1-5 from 9am-1:55pm. Y day will cover periods 6-10 from 9am-1:55pm. September 8th, the first day of school, will be an X day. The schedule will be posted on our website

    2. All new students received instructions to set up school email accounts. Please begin the process.

    3. Starting on Tuesday, September 1st and through the rest of the week, staff members are to report to school at 7:30 for professional
    development, classroom and course preparations.

    4. The device and book distribution will take place on September 8th and 9th, the first two days of school for students. Details to follow
    during next week's message.

    5. On Wednesday, September 2nd, I will have my second Parent meeting this month to ensure parents are up to date with recent changes and
    schedule. A zoom invite will follow.

    6. The monthly PTO meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, at 7pm via zoom.

    Between now and October 5th, It is our hope that staff members feel safe and childcare conflicts are resolved so that we can return to
    some form of in-person instruction. In addition, we will continue to solidify safety protocols, procedures and strengthen our remote

    Thank you and good night
    Principal Montes

    ‚ÄčAugust 26, 2020

    Dear Somerset County Vocational & Technical School (SCVTS) Educational Community Members,

    After much deliberation SCVTS will be revising its Restart and Re-opening plan to change to a “Remote Only” educational platform. I realize this news is devastating to our families who have chosen a career and technical education over a general education program offered by our sister districts in the County.

    The amount of planning that went into opening with a Hybrid model were both challenging and remarkable. SCVTS has been extremely fortunate in that we do not have some of the major issues preventing its opening such as facility, supply or technology matters. Despite the notable gains we made as a district, it has become apparent that we will not be able to open with sufficient staffing to ensure our students’ health and safety. Many teachers do not feel safe returning and/or have been met with childcare conflicts as more and more districts choose a remote only plan. Although I am sympathetic to these issues I remain hopeful that a return to some level of in-person instruction will not only be achievable but supported by all. Currently our
    plan is to begin the Hybrid model on October 5th.

    The district will reassess its staffing circumstances in late September early October before reopening for the Hybrid model. As previously indicated, a Hybrid model will need the support and commitment of all members of our educational community including staff, students, parents and guardians in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

    School will begin remotely on September 8th and more details will follow as we pivot to this new platform and new schedules are developed and collaboration continues with our sending  districts.

    Chrys Harttraft, Ed.D.