• Student Parking Agreement
    1. All students electing to drive to school must apply for a parking permit each school year. Cost is $60 per school year (cash/check only). License, registration and insurance card are needed to register.
    2. SCVTHS parking permit sticker must be displayed on the driver side rear window.
    3. Vehicles must be parked in their assigned white lined space located in the parking lot next to the Gymnasium. Failure to park in specified numbered spaces will result in loss of parking privileges and/or towing.
    4. Students are PROHIBITED from parking under the solar panels. 
    5. Upon arrival, students must park their vehicle and enter the school; Students are not permitted to remain in any vehicle or in the parking lot.
    6. Students may not loiter in the parking lot at any time during the school day.
    7. Students may not leave school property at any time during the school day.
    8. All traffic rules and regulations are in effect in the parking lot.
    9. Speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph.
    10. School buses have the right-of-way; all drivers must yield to school buses.
    11. Smoking and/or use of tobacco products in cars or parking lot is strictly prohibited.
    12. No pupil shall use his or her vehicle to contain or conceal anything illegal.
    13. It is understood that students bringing their vehicles to school do so at their own risk. Somerset County Vocational and Technical HS is not responsible for any damage to, theft of, or vandalism of any student vehicle.
    *Any violation of the above mentioned procedures will result in disciplinary action which may include loss of driving/parking privileges and/or towing in which the vehicle owner is responsible for any towing charges
    Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information regarding parking.*
    Disclaimer: SCVTS has the right to increase the cost of parking fees at the beginning of a new school year