TOPS Alternative Education

  • About the TOPS Alternative Education Program

    TOPS Alternative Education is a nationally recognized Alternative Education program that provides high quality educational opportunities for students of Somerset County.  By integrating individualized and dynamic teaching methods, TOPS reaches diverse students with varied learning styles.

    TOPS Alternative Education helps students who need additional support to succeed in high school.  We steer capable students back on the right track to graduation, a career, and a better future through academic assistance, vocational job training and counseling services. 

    What sets the TOPS curriculum apart from other high schools is that, in addition to providing full academic study, we deliver specialized curriculum, vocational training, work study, community experiences, life skills training, option 2 opportunities, and community college opportunities.

    While attending high school, many of the TOPS students also participate in cooperative education experiences and/or other community responsibilities.

    To be considered for TOPS, students must be referred to the program by counselors at their home district school. The home school pays the tuition for students to attend the TOPS Program. Parent/guardian approval and support from the home district are needed for applications and enrollment.

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     For additional information, please contact:

    Christopher Lemongelli, Supervisor of Alternative Education

     • 908-526-8900, ext. 7123

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