• Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School employs a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the position of Wellness Counselor to meet the social and emotional needs of students, provide consultation to school counselors and trauma-informed, evidence-based professional development to teachers and staff. 
    The School Counselor for Mental Health and Wellness works on-site daily to provide students a protected space to problem-solve, receive Wellness education, learn healthy and practical coping and to connect to community resources. The counselor is trained for and prepared to enact Crisis Management Protocol in the event of psychiatric or behavioral crisis to ensure the safety of SCVTS students and staff.
    The counselor maintains communication with school staff, administrators, parents and community providers to maintain and communicate updated information on best practices for mental health so as to best serve our students, remaining cognizant of the internal and external pressures on high school aged young people in a rapidly-developing technological and social environment. 
    Please reach out to our Wellness Counselor with questions, recommendations and referrals: