Student Council Advisors


    Ms. Pisani - 


    Ms. Gillooly -

    Ms. Prezioso - 


    Ms. Francis - 


    Ms. Kiser - 

    New/Renewed Club Application

    (Approval of Volunteer Clubs/Organizations)

     Please fill out the club application form below and submit to Ms. Hernandez in the high school main office.  If this is a new club, you may be notified of an opportunity to present your ideas. Applications for the 2023-24 school year are due by 12/1/2023

    Club Application 

    Applications due 12/1/2023

    Ambassadors' Golf Club
    (Golf Club open to all students)

    Ms. Watson -

    Cardiology Advocacy Research & Development Society

    Ms. Pisani -


    Ms. Pisani -

    Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Ms. Hovey -


    Mr. Downey -

    First Robotics Club

    Mr. Dalfonzo -

    Future Business Leaders of America 

    Mr. Strickhart-

    Health Opportunities for People Everywhere

    Ms. Pisani -

    Health Occupations Students of America Club 

    Ms. Vasaturo -

    Hip Hop and Beatmaking Club 

    Mr. Lemongelli -

    Hispanic Honor Society 

    Mr. Catalan -
    Ms. Lakhlif -
    Mr. Reina -

    Intercultural Food Tour Club 

    Mr. Downey -

    International Youth in Neuroscience 

    Mr. Downey -

    Math Madness 

    Mr. Jefopoulos -

    Model United Nations Club 

    Mr. Reina -

    National FFA 

    Mr. Fargo -

    National Honor Society 

    Ms. Gichan -

    National Honor Society for Dance Arts 

    Ms. Glennon -

    National Technical Honor Society 

    Ms. Santiago - 

    NexGen Stem Club

    Ms. Pisani - 

    Peer Mentor

    Ms. Pisani - 

    Rotary Interact Club

    Mr. Tirrito -

    School Newspaper 

    Mr. Downey -

    SCVTHS Red Cross Club

    Ms. Pisani - 

    Science Olympiad 

    Ms. Patil -

    SCVTHS Band Club 

    Mr. Reina -

    SCVTHS Book Club

    Ms. Hovey -

    SCVTHS Red Cross Club 

    Ms. Pisani -


    Ms. Carter -
    Ms. Fresco -
    Ms. Morlock -
    Ms. Patil -

    South Asian Student Association

    Dr. Tokarsky-Unda -

    TEEEM Club

    Ms. Welch -
    Mr. Reina -

    The Alliance Club

    Ms. Lennox -
    Mrs. Kiser -


    Mr. Eng -
    Ms. Patryn -
    Ms. Watson -

    Youth Environmental Society 

    Ms. Kreiss-Papalski - 




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