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A Vaping Awareness Exhibit was presented at SCVTHS by the Linkages Department.

(l-r): SCVTHS students Brendon Gabel of Whitehouse Station, Hernan Ramirez of North Plainfield, Jamie Moni of Hillsborough, Mackenzie Toth of Milford, Linkages Substance Abuse Counselor Donna Lenox, SCVTHS students Eka Tawe of Hillsborough, volunteer and Chair of the School Working Group Heather Athanasiou, and Executive Director of Community in Crisis Andi Williams participating in the Vaping Awareness exhibit and presentation.


On January 15th, the Linkages Department at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School welcomed Andi Williams, Executive Director of Community in Crisis, and Heather Athanasiou, a volunteer and Chair of the School Working Group, to present a “Vaping Awareness” exhibit. The event was presented as part of their Substance Abuse Awareness Month activities. The exhibit was created to educate students about the dangers of vaping and contained examples of a variety of vaping devices, as well as handouts on its dangers. The Community in Crisis exhibit has now been held at nearly a dozen county schools for students, parents and school staff.

Linkages Substance Abuse Counselor Donna Lenox, who organized bringing in the exhibit to SCVTHS, spoke of its significance saying, “The FDA report on vaping from November 8, 2018 states that 1 in 5 high school students in the US currently uses vaporizers. It is of utmost importance to take a stand against teen vaping as nicotine is highly addictive.” Lenox went on to add, “As a result of the exhibit, we were able to have almost eighty students fill out the National Institute on Drug Abuse's 2019 National Drug and Alcohol IQ Challenge.”

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