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Agricultural Science students with instructor and visiting professor from Patterson University

(back left to right): SCVTHS Agricultural Science students Joseph Mild of Bound Brook, Tiffany Kelly of Manville, Jonathan Reynolds-Alvarenga of Bound Brook, Jayden Johnson of Hillsborough, Grace Coulbourne of Branchburg, Jenna Shallop of South Bound Brook, William Patterson Professor in Residence Irene Wieners;
(front left to right): Agricultural Science Instructor Erik Fargo, Agricultural Science students Maria Scarpantonio of Manville, Abigail Podejko of Raritan and Harini Manjula Duraipandiyan of Basking Ridge pose for a photo during the science fair.


Earlier this school year, Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS) Agricultural Science students helped plan, organize and run a science fair utilizing leadership skills learned through their FFA chapter. Also, as part of the fair, the students completed science fair projects in the agricultural areas of animal science, plant science, food / nutritional science, environmental science, and power, structure and technical systems. Attendees of the fair included parents, SCVTHS administration, faculty, board members, Agricultural Science Program advisory committee members and Somerset County Freeholder Brian G. Gallagher.

After a brief welcome and introduction, those in attendance were given time to explore the location and topic of each science fair project. Student presenters explained their experiment in four minutes and had two minutes to answer questions.

Agriculture provides food, fiber, fuel, medicine, and aesthetics for our daily needs. With a growing global population expected to reach roughly 10 billion by the year 2050, and more nations reaching middle-class status, the demands for agricultural products are expected to grow. According to U.S.D.A. food production alone will need to increase by 70 to 100 percent. Students in the SCVTHS Agricultural Science Program are preparing for the high demand, high skill, and high wage positions within all the facets of agriculture. The SCVTHS Agricultural Science Program is a rigorous inquiry-based four-year high school curriculum which incorporates leadership learning opportunities, project-based learning, and offers college credit for successful students.

Students in the Agricultural Science Program currently represent eight districts in Somerset County. Career interests include animal and plant genetics, science, and production as well as food science, and agricultural business. Current and recent graduates of the SCVTHS Agricultural Science Program are attending the County College of Morris, RVCC Honors program utilizing NJ STARS scholarships, Rutgers, Delaware Valley University, Michigan State University, and Purdue University.


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