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Automotive Technology student taking an online guitar lesson from an SCVTHS instructor

A screenshot of Mr. Schade teaching a guitar lesson to
SCVTHS senior Automotive Technology student Nick Piano of Branchburg.


While the instructors at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS) have been adjusting to a new online delivery format of learning, many have taken the challenge to the next level.  SCVTHS instructors are finding fun and exciting ways to incorporate activities into their daily teaching and learning.

In-Class Support Instructors Ms. McNerney and Ms. Sorter, with the help of multiple other SCVTHS staff members, have organized a “Selfie Scavenger Hunt.”  The Scavenger Hunt tasks students to take selfies with a variety of items related to the students’ different subjects. Examples include students taking a selfie with an object that has a 45 degree angle for their math class, and students taking selfies with items such as electrical outlets or panels for their Electrical Construction class. Ms. McNerney and Ms. Sorter’s intent is to create something fun for the students because, “We don’t know how long we will be out of school and so much of their regular lives have been put on hold.”

Students in Mr. Johnson’s Culinary Arts classes have been treated to daily virtual field trips. This past week, at the end of his Zoom class sessions, Mr. Johnson has included a daily trip on one of Disney World’s rides. Rides included “Space Mountain”, “It’s a Small World”, “Peter Pan’s Flight” and others. Next week, Mr. Johnson will be taking his students on tours of a museum.

Finally, Special Education Instructor Mr. Schade has offered students and staff the ability to take virtual guitar lessons. Mr. Schade is currently teaching eight students, providing individual weekly guitar lessons. Mr. Schade has inspired interest among some staff members who are also lining up for lessons.

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