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SCVTHS Graphic Communications Dylan Galiszewski and his instructors in their classroom

(l-r) SCVTHS Graphic Communications Instructor Joe Alfieri,
SCVTS Graphic Communications senior Dylan Galiszewski
and SCVTHS Graphic Communications instructor Jonathon Ostroff
in their classroom


When students in the Graphic Communications Program at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS) returned to in-person learning last month, many things had changed, including their curriculum. Graphic Communications instructors Joe Alfieri and Jonathon Ostroff integrated mask design and printing as the students’ first project to highlight the design and direct-to-garment printing involved in the process.

“The students were tasked with creating an original design that would look good on a facemask and then print the mask in the shop as part of the Photoshop & Illustrator portions of the curriculum,” explained Graphic Communications Instructor Jonathon Ostroff.

“Students had a great time thinking about how to use the canvas of a facemask when sketching their initial ideas,” said Mr. Ostroff. “Students printed out their masks and tried them on to see how they would look on someone’s face. Then, they went back and made edits based on feedback from their instructors and peers.”

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