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Philip Eng, Educator of the Year at SCVTHS

Mr. Philip Eng the 2021-2022 Educator of the Year at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School


Mr. Philip Eng, an Automotive-Diesel Technology instructor at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS), has been selected as the 2021-2022 Educator of the Year. Mr. Eng is known for being a caring, engaging, and generous instructor, who continually goes above and beyond his job duties to assist students and community members alike.

Mr. Eng was in the middle of teaching a lesson when he heard a commotion entering his classroom. Eng, with a blowtorch in hand, was shocked to see a group of administrators greeting him with a banner and the announcement that he was named the 2021-2022 Educator of the Year. “I was really shocked,” stated Mr. Eng. “I was not expecting it at all.”

“Mr. Eng has a great relationship with his students,” said Principal Mr. Hector Montes. “His lessons are interactive and address safety and customer service. His shop is organized and clean, demonstrating the importance of an inviting environment for business and clients. Mr. Eng is part of the fabric of the school. He is a Yearbook Co-Advisor.”

Supervisor Mr. Rob Carrig stated, “Mr. Eng is one of the most passionate, and dedicated instructors that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is continually creating new, innovative ways to teach Automotive-Diesel Technologies and has spent a great deal of time creating a modern, real world work experience. Mr. Eng sets high expectations for his students, providing them with engaging and challenging work while guiding them from start to finish. He is well liked and highly respected by our entire school community. We are lucky to have him as part of our team!”

Admittedly, Mr. Eng viewed teaching as a backup career, but after years in the field, working with many former trade school students who claimed to know very little after graduating, Eng wanted to “make a change” and “give back to the community.” Seeking the transition from industry and looking to make a positive impact on students’ learning in the automotive field, Mr. Eng enrolled at Brookdale Community College to participate in their alternate route teaching program.

Throughout his alternate route experience and time at SCVTHS, Mr. Eng contributes much of his personal success to his colleagues at SCVTHS. Eng stated, “I'd like to thank the administration and staff, some of whom I had not yet met at that time, for helping me during my beginning years. A special thanks goes to Alan Creveling (retired automotive instructor), my mentor, who taught me the ropes of the educational system, since coming from industry, I had no clue.” Mr. Eng also thanked Ms. Carene Jegou in the SCVTS Superintendent’s Office for all of her help and assistance.

Now in his eighth year at SCVTHS, Mr. Eng stays busy outside the classroom serving as a Yearbook advisor, where he takes photos for and assists with the creation of the school’s yearbook. Additionally, Mr. Eng always has a project with the automotive live-work program, which assists community members by fixing their vehicles.

“The automotive industry has been good to me and I try to give back by teaching kids today. It's great seeing the students' faces when the theory and the practical ‘click,’ ” said Eng. “It's wonderful watching the students grow up over the three or four years into fine young respectable adults.”

“I am extremely honored and grateful to receive the Educator of the Year award,” reflected Mr. Eng. “I would like to thank those who got me to where I am today. I could not have accomplished anything without the staff at SCVTHS.”

Mr. Eng is a resident of Bridgewater, where he resides with his wife and two children. In his free time, Mr. Eng enjoys taking photographs, as well as “spending time on warm, breezy days at the beach and on the boardwalk.”

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