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Ms. Samantha Inga, Educational Services Professional of the Year at SCVTHS

Ms. Samantha Inga, the 2021-2022 Educational Services Professionals of the Year at SCVTHS


Ms. Samantha Inga, a school counselor at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS), has been selected as the 2021-2022 Educational Services Professional of the Year.  Ms. Inga is known for her caring approach, vibrant personality, and accessibility.

While selling cookies outside of the media center for a SkillsUSA fundraiser, Ms. Inga was “shocked, surprised” and “caught off-guard” when a group of administrators approached her to announce the award.  “I was not expecting it,” said Inga.

Ms. Inga was originally inspired to pursue counseling because she knew she wanted to help others, but was unsure of what environment she liked best. Knowing the importance of having a supportive school counselor, especially when dealing with students’ educational, social and emotional aspects; Inga wanted to make a difference. Inga stated, “I am passionate about working with students in a way that I didn’t get.”  Additionally, while substituting in a high school and pursuing her master’s degree, Samantha found that she enjoyed working with the high school student population so much, she decided that was what she wanted to focus her career.

Inga’s favorite part of her job is working directly with the students. Moreover, Inga appreciates that her job allows her to be readily accessible to students and students are able to see her without appointments for issues both large and small.

Director of Special Services Ms. Maria Johnson stated, “Ms. Inga is very good at connecting with her students. She always makes time for them and her door is always open.  Ms. Inga also makes it a point to fully understand her students’ career and technical education programs, which further aids in building meaningful connections.”

Principal Hector Montes added, “Ms. Inga can be seen checking on her students and programs throughout the day.  She gets involved in other aspects of the school culture. Most recently, she was appointed SkillsUSA Advisor and has taken a leadership role with the organization, creating enthusiasm amongst the student population.”

Ms. Inga has been an employee at SCVTHS for four years. Currently, she serves as a SCVTHS SkillsUSA Advisor, as well as a bowling coach at Sparta High School.

Ms. Inga is a graduate of Caldwell University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. In her free time, Inga sings in a band and creates custom cakes.  Additionally, Samantha enjoys spending time bowling and running.

Ms. Inga is a resident of Byram Township, where she lives with her husband, Michael, and their cat, Nera.  Speaking about her home life, Samantha gave credit to her husband for helping her to understand construction terms and lingo, as he works as a contractor. With his assistance, Samantha has been able to create a greater connection with her students.

“I am grateful for this award and even more grateful to be able to work with a wonderful school community that is supportive and inspiring,” said Samantha.  “I truly feel that I am able to perform my job in a way that encompasses all of my passions for my craft because of the support and guidance I am given here at SCVTHS.”

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