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SCVTHS English Class students, instructor and supervisor with visiting author Rob Hart(back l-r): SCVTHS English Instructor Ms. Brittany Maldonado, SCVTHS students James Marvits of Hillsborough, Luke Donnadio of Hillsborough, Jacob McNerney of Flagtown, Kalina Trent of Skillman, Scott Landers of Somerset, Author Mr. Rob Hart, Joshua Morris of Manville, Joshua Ortiz of South Bound Brook, SCVTHS Supervisor of Academics Ms. Teresa Morelli; (front l-r): Emily Rosalli of Hillsborough, Makayla Long of Bound Brook, Sanaia Harrison of Hillsborough, Olivia Jaime of Manville, and Kyle Smith of Somerset


On Wednesday, April 20th, students in Ms. Maldonado’s English classes at Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School (SCVTHS) were visited by Mr. Rob Hart, author of “The Warehouse.” The book is required reading for Ms. Maldonado’s junior-level English classes. The novel has been sold in more than 20 different countries and has even been optioned for a film by Ron Howard.

During the two-hour presentation, students and staff took part in a lively discussion with Mr. Hart about his writing process, characters and themes from the novel, as well as what he believes happens after the story has concluded. During the presentation, Mr. Hart stated that he wanted to write a fun to read book that would be hard to put down. Hart went on to add that he wanted to achieve a balance by writing an educational but interesting book that engaged readers and kept their interest.

SCVTHS Supervisor of Academics Ms. Teresa Morelli spoke of the author’s presentation stating, “Rob Hart’s visit was a way for our students to connect with a living author. Hart explained his process of writing the novel, as well as the ideas he was presenting, so our students interacted directly with the author during the presentation. During the two-hour Assembly, students had the opportunity to ask questions relating to the story, the characters, and the writer’s style, demonstrating their analysis of “The Warehouse.”

Ms. Brittany Maldonado added, “I am so grateful to Rob Hart for coming out to interact, answer questions, and engage in academic discourse with our eleventh-grade students. The students posed many analytical questions which not only gave them the opportunity to think critically about the novel but to challenge the author with inquiries ranging from content to real-world parallels to his writing process. Students remained engaged throughout the event. Many stayed after the conclusion of the Assembly to have one-on-one conversations, ask more questions, and get their books signed! It was an enriching experience for all. We are so grateful for this opportunity!”

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