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SCVTHS softball team members

SCVTHS softball team members (back l-r): Lee Ann Richards of Bound Brook, Samantha Killimett of North Plainfield, Emily Rosalli of Hillsborough, Madison Seibert of South Bound Brook, Sophia Davis of Branchburg, Sabrina Abella of Bridgewater, Gwenievere Nieves of Bound Brook, SCVTHS Softball Coach Mrs. Brittany Maldonado;
(middle l-r): Karima El Attar of Manville, Isabella Granzetto of Bound Brook, Samantha Hanlon of South Bound Brook, Melissa McEnroe of Warren, Makayla Long of Bound Brook; and (front center): Megan Norz of Hillsborough pose for a photo with some of the reusable bags they collected.

Throughout the months of March and April, Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School’s (SCVTHS) Softball Team, along with the help of the sustainability-focused Green Team, held a reusable bag drive. Dozens of reusable bags were collected in an effort to help in-need SCVTHS families comply with the New Jersey ban on single-use shopping bags.

“The bags will go to SCVTHS families who may be struggling to make ends meet at this time, and to alleviate some of the financial stress they may be experiencing,” stated SCVTHS Softball Coach Mrs. Brittany Maldonado.  "It was a great opportunity for the girls to give back to their community during their season."

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